A Conversation With Author Ricardo Williams

Conversations With The Author Ricardo Williams:

In Unchained Mind: Powerful Life Changing Thoughts On Peace, Love, And Success, Ricardo Williams, who wrote the book by living and writing every experience that brought him peace, love, and success, admits that it was not an easy journey. Life has a way of reflecting every thought and every act either in a positive way with positive returns, or a negative way with negative returns.

One of the reasons for writing the book is that he wanted to help people who struggled with issues of anxiety, rejection, and depression. He had a friend who he watched struggled with anxiety almost to the point of being suicidal. He felt a need to go deeper into understanding the workings of the Mind with regards to thoughts. He started the journey of tracking the effects of his thoughts. The book explains in more details how thoughts affect the kind of life experience, we subject to ourselves. How it affects our peace, love, and quest to succeed.

the writer

He spent a lot of time in silencing his mind, and his emotions in the process. Most of his meditation, he did in the shower. “The feel of water falling on my head, and face, and disrupting my breathing while I remain calm is a great experience in focus for me,” He said. “When I was a kid, I had long hair until I was age 4, I believe. I remember, Mom washing my hair, and the feeling of water and soap running down my face made me panic. I would kick and scream trying to do anything to get away from her firm grip. Today, I can sit comfortably under water in the shower for hours.”

Growing up in Grenada, he didn’t know what he wanted to do. At one point, he thought he was going to be an actor. “My mom had named me Ricardo after that popular actor Ricardo Montalban, so that always stayed in the back of my mind,” He said. “I was a good artist and won a lot of friends by my ability to draw. My classmates used to gather around me as I drew cowboys. They would ask me to draw for them. Cowboy movies were big in the 70’s, and I was the go to guy when it came to art.”


His first major experience with writing came when he was 14. “My English teacher asked us to write a letter. I can’t remember the topic of the letter, but I was shocked when he asked me to stand up at the start of the class. I wasn’t an A student, so I was nervous. I thought he was going to ridicule me. But he didn’t. He said it was one of the best letters, he had ever read. He said it was to the point and effective. He used it as a model for the class. I took that to mean that I should be a writer.” He said. “Then someone, told me that if I am going to be a writer, I would have to read a lot of books. I hated reading. I found it difficult to read and concentration. I was the type of person who would read and sing at the same time. Music always took preference over the lines I was reading. Sometimes I would read the line in a book repeatedly until I grasped it. It was tedious because of my lack of focus.”

Later when he was getting his Business Management degree, while working full-time, he still had problems reading. He developed a strategy that instead of reading books, he scanned chapters for the important points, he needed to learn. He became an A student in the process.

Besides writing books, Ricardo also wrote songs. He did Stand-up comedy, and even performed in a play with Heritage Theater at an International Theater Competition in Aruba.
His hope is that the book helps others achieve peace, love, and success. He is hoping also that it inspires others to become writers.

“I try to share a lot of my writings to inspire other Grenadians to engage in the writing process. We are a talented people and we are blessed with an island that is spiritually fulfilling due to its numerous white sandy beaches and blue,clear, waters. Combine that with its many hills, mountains and lush green vegetation sheltering numerous rivers, and waterfalls, and you have the perfect environment for great writing.

This is his second book. His first being “Dear God, An Impatient Conversation With A Patient God,” was a personal journey in spiritual development. His new book, “Unchained Mind: Powerful Life Changing Thought On Peace, Love, and Success,” is available at AuthorHouse as a paper back or eBook. It’s also available at Amazon, and Barnes And Nobles.

Thought of the Day


Thought of the Day:
Your smile is the most valuable gift to the world, but the value of your smile is magnified by the obstacles in your life you’ve overcome to be able to smile.
Smile today and don’t take others smile for granted for you may never know what they’ve overcame to muster a smile to you.:


An Excerpt from Unchained Mind

Our thoughts are the seeds of life, and the thoughts we plant bear the fruits we sow.


Thoughts of fear bear fruits of fear. Thoughts of hatred bear fruits of hatred. Thoughts of love bear fruits of love. When we plant seeds of love where seeds of fear and hatred exist, we are potentially growing a beacon of hope for love to exist, even in the most barren of soils.


If we treat our thoughts the way we treat food, we digest what’s good and reject what’s bad. We take in enough to satisfy us and dispose of waste. When we eat a fruit, seldom do we eat the entire fruit. We eat the pulp and may discard the skin and the seed. Similarly, when we absorb our thoughts, we can differentiate among the pulp, the seed, and the skin. We can discard the thoughts that bring negativity to us and embrace thoughts that bring happiness, joy, peace, and tranquility.


If we embrace thoughts that say we’re unworthy, not good enough, or have no future, we may be consuming the skin and the seeds of doubt that should be discarded and not absorbed.


There is a Buddhist quote that says, “We are what we think. All that we are arises from our thoughts. With our thoughts, we make the world.” We can refocus on the thoughts that uplift us and ignore the ones that bring us down. Let’s spread seeds of love in everything we do today.

From the author of Dear God, An Impatient Conversation with a Patient God and the new book Unchained Mind: Powerful Life Changing Thoughts on Peace, Love, and Success.



My New Book Unchained Mind

To my family and friends, my new book is out and available to everyone. You can click on the ink below to purchase.
I want to thank you all for your love and support in this project.
Some of your names are written in the thank you section of the book.
My goal in this book was to explore solutions to achieve peace, love, and success.

Conversations From the Author

Author’s Corner:
1. In a way, we’re all writing our own stories. Every day, every moment gives a chance to add a new dimension to our story. The bigger the chances we take, the greater will be the content of our story.
2. I recently enrolled into a Masters Program for Psychology. I always wanted to do this, but had put it off because many have tried to discourage me for good reasons. But I followed my mind. I followed the message that repeats in my mind telling me that I must do this.
3. In a way that’s what I spend most of my time doing. I study the workings of my mind. I study what brings me peace, joy, love, and success. I share many of my findings.
4. Writing comes easy for me. But there is a secret to my writing. I write best in the mornings. I write best when I’m in the shower. Between wiping water off my face and and trying to get a clear view through my misty glasses, I write my thoughts.
5. I try to write only when I’m inspired. When I’m inspired the words come out a certain way. It is like an art. I know the difference between my inspirational writing and forced writing.
6. My lifelong goal is to achieve a Doctorate in Psychology and to help as many people as possible to live their best lives free from emotional turmoils.

The Massage From Hell

The Massage From HellThinking about my last massage. I don’t know. I can’t get it off my mind. I found my therapist very knowledgeble, but a bit extreme. 

My therapist somehow decided that massaging my armpits was a neccessity. I don’t normally speak during a massage, but some where between my annoying laughter and need for her to stop, I spoke up. I said in my most polite voice, “Can you not do that?”

“What?” She asked.

“Can you not massaged my armpits?” It tickles. Really I wanted to say it is disgusting. I mean who does that?

I waited for her response. I expected an apology.

She responded that she can’t stop and I will just have to deal with it.

So I dealt with it.

But the next phase of the massage was even worst. She proceeded to massage my juggular vein in my neck.

I said, “What are you doing?”

She said that it was necessary.

I don’t get it. First my armpits. Now my jugular vein? What next can I expect? Chemotherapy? I mean who does that?