Three Breathing Exercises To Restore Your Health


Some of my writings may seem repetitious but I believe at some point the message will resonate. There is a saying that “repetition is the mother of learning.” Today, I’m focusing on three simple breathing exercises that will restore your health. I believe that many health issues are the result of a broken spirit and today I will focus on restoration.


The first breathing exercise focuses on the full length and journey of our breath. Find a comfortable spot. I normally choose my recliner when I’m doing these exercises. You don’t have to but be sure to be relaxed and comfortable. Take a deep breath and imagine that you have eyes within you that is watching the journey of the oxygen within that breath moving through your nostrils, into your throat, and entering into your lungs. See your lungs expanding to full capacity, then exhale. Repeat the process for 15 to 30 minutes. Doing this process narrows the focus of your thoughts on visualizing the process of breathing. There should be no other distracting thoughts. If you are distracted, refocus until you can see the full journey of your breath.


The second breathing exercise focuses on someone that you love, past or present. Focus on the areas of their life that you admire most and smile while doing so. Start breathing with that person on your mind. Think of their humility, kindness, passion for life, their love for you and others, the difference they made in the world just by being there, and the life lessons they’ve thought you. Smile as you think of them. Keep breathing and keep smiling. You may feel distracted at times but just refocus on the person you chose. Try this for 15 minutes.


The third breathing exercise focuses on you. See yourself in the future living to the lifestyle that you want to experience. Be specific. For example, you are a successful screenwriter or a  professional photographer with a celebrity clientele. Think big but be authentic in your choice. Don’t see yourself as a pilot if you have no interest in flying a plane. Smile as you follow the journey of your successful life. See yourself receiving awards for your works. See yourself on a stage thanking those who supported you and made it possible for your success. See the crowds applauding you and showing appreciation for your work. This part of the exercise should last about 15 minutes. Keep smiling and keep breathing.

In this exercise, I thought you to visually follow your breath, focus on a loved one past or present, and breathe your authentic self into existence. The process lasted about 1 hour. Coming out of it, spread your arms wide and take a deep breath. You may feel a bit light headed at first but you will feel refreshed. For maximum success, the process should be repeated daily. Enjoy your healthy living.

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Five Hip-Hop Songs To Knock You Into Shape

It took me 6 months to get my body into the shape I can be proud of, but it will be unfair for me to take credit for my hard work and not give credit to the songs that bent me back into shape.

A wide variety of songs have played a role in knocking me back into shape, but I will focus on 5 Hip-Hop songs that got the job done.

No. 5.

Pusha T – If You Know You Know

Pusha T starts off with a sleepy Rap monologue that effectively sets the tone of the song to jump off and when the music finally joins in, it captivates you and keeps you bouncing around as you get in shape. This is a classic melody for working out to and Pusha T has the right mindset and tone of voice in this song to get the job done.

No. 4

G-Eazy – 1942 ft. Yo Gotti, YBN Nahmir

Coming from the Soundtrack of “Uncle Drew,” if you stayed for the credit, you would have heard this Rap which to me is worth the wait. 1942 makes my list of workout songs. The melody is so addictive that it bounces you around whether you are bouncing or not. Yo Gotti kicks this off with a short croaky monologue before the melody kicks in taking you on a high. G-Eazy then brings his confident smooth floor before Yo Gotti comes back like a ball of fire. Whether you are on the Basketball court or in the gym, 1942 will knock you into shape.

No. 3


Apes**t gives you the feeling like you are lost in the Vatican as it starts with the sound of church bells and sirens but slowing the music eases over the vocals of Ape Ape Ape monologue and you know you about to go Ape-shit. Why? Because Beyonce is going to get you. Queen B keeps this song busy with vocals that sound its intent from the get-go. This song is so captivating that even during the sudden pauses in the melody, you’ll be itching to dance. Then with an “Arrrw” the music comes back in and sweeps you off the floor and then here comes Jay-Z in the peak of his form knocking you around in an ecstasy of Rap. Apes**t will knock you into shape whether you want to or not. You will knock your brains out dancing to this.

No. 2

Drake – In My Feelings

I really believe Drake dreamt this melody because it is so flawless that it could have only come from a dream. OK, so you get a warm up to the video as Drake confronts KeKe in some routine humor, but hey! this is a video so we can expect that. Then like an easy orgasm, the music hits you and builds you up to a chant of “Let’s go let’s go.” Then you are the mercy of Drake smoothly crooning over this captivating rhythm that will leave you begging for more. This is a Ghetto love song and the video does it perfect justice. “In My Feeling” has so many layers for you to lose yourself in that it is definitely on the top of my workout list.

No. 1

A$AP Rocky – Praise The Lord (Da Shine) (Official Video) ft. Skepta

So we’re up to the No. 1 song that has knocked me into shape and this Rap is so cool that it will have you praising the Lord and cursing at the same time. The song starts off with an easy flute sound before the rhythm builds into an easy jump-back melody. The song definitely gives you the feeling of DMX and it does a great job of keeping you in that frame of mind while bouncing you around and back into shape. You can keep this on replay for 20 minutes and by then you will be in perfect shape.

Stop, Listen, Start


There are three steps I take whenever I start my day. I stop, listen, then start. I call it the resetting phase of my life. I stop my thoughts. I listen to my breathing, then after an hour or two, I start my day.

Stopping is the first step to reset my day.


I put a halt to all my thoughts that have built up from the previous day up to that moment. I lay in my recliner or some comfortable position.


Then I listen to the sound of my breathing. I listen to my breath as it goes through my nostrils, into my chest and down to my stomach. By focusing on the sound of my breathing, I drown out any thoughts that are not affiliated with my breath. In minutes, I feel the walls of emotional resistance coming down exposing and reducing my level of stress. This is what I call the recharging phase. It’s like watching a battery in charge mode, every breath brings me one step closer to being fully charged. It normally takes a battery up to an hour to fully charge and similarly, I need that time frame to fully recharge my body.


I undergo numerous emotional changes through the listening phase from feeling light-headed to a restoration of calm. The listening phase gives me the clarity I need to start my day.

IMG_2153 (1)

Once I feel totally recharged, I start my day, doing the things I enjoy the most only to repeat the process of the stop, listen, and start as my energy level runs low.


To stop, listen, and start will give you clarity of thought which will help discover the true essence of who you are. Try it sometime.


Temporary Tourists


An Unchained Mind Minute:
We’re all tourists in this temporary journey called life and the love we express and experience on this journey, shapes the memories we leave with.

How we show compassion, how we greet kindness, how we show appreciation, and how we give thanks are all part of the equation of the love experience.

It also entails how we make the difference in the lives of others, the most vulnerable, and those that cry out for our love and guidance.
We are just tourists on a temporary journey, enjoy it, but leave it better than we met it.


An Unchained Mind Minute – The Dual Life

An Unchained Mind Minute:
The dual nature of life.
There is a saying that life is not fair, and it isn’t, but it gives us the ability to respond to things we deem unfair. It also rewards us with the emotions we attach to. For example, the loss of a friend or loved one can leave us angry or it can fill us with love and compassion and beautiful memories. We get to choose.
There are many emotions in life and each brings an automatic response from within us and dictate our state of mind. Being angry with another person only hands over what control we have to that person. It becomes a double whammy. Holding a grudge against someone only leaves a self-destructive ache in our hearts.
Life is dual in nature and luckily we control the power to choose the state of our emotions. Do it lovingly, be compassionate, express humility and forgive yourself in the process.

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The Making Of An International Music Star

An Interview with legendary performer Leroy Collins conducted by Ricardo Williams for Future Hit Songs Review.


Future Hit Songs Review:

Tell me, Leroy, a little history about yourself. Where you were born,  and any difficulties you faced as a child? When did you know you were going to be a musician?

Leroy Collins:

As a young boy growing up in Trinidad without a dad, I used to hang around the music auditorium after school and admire the bigger kids practicing for school concerts. My mom found out that I was not interested in being a policeman like my daddy was, and he had already left us by the way.  When I was about twelve, she bought me a plastic guitar.  It was big enough to play on, but it was right-handed, and I am left-handed, but that didn’t stop me from learning to play in my own way. I was inspired by Sam Cook, and Brook Benton, and wrote my first song, with words like, “A true and faithful woman is only found now and then.”

Future Hit Songs Review:

What was your first notable accomplishment in music?

Leroy Collins:

My first stage performance was accidental. The school was having a concert and needed a singer. I was passing by, and they asked me if I could sing.  I gave them the answer they wanted. I got on stage the following week, and sang, “Wonderful World” by Sam Cooke of course, and from then on I started looking for a band to sing with.  I was seventeen when I found a band called Echo Strings and played with them until I was twenty. We played in clubs and concerts and so on, then I was discovered by one of Trinidad’s leading Calypso Artist, The Mighty Sparrow, and made my first record as a backing singer.

is (5)

I then went to Grenada for Expo in 1969, and there, I had my first solo recording.  In Grenada, I had played at all the hotels, then I moved back to Trinidad and did some new gigs in clubs, but I wanted more, so I went off to Holland, then Italy, then Finland, then Germany, then I ended up in Denmark, and made a record there called “The Disco Man” and a follow-up on the flip side called “Suzy,” that was on a CBS label.



After that, I made an album with a band, Trans Europa Express, with cover songs, and then another one with our own songs. I then made a solo album called, “Here I Am.” I went to Spain and lived there six months a year from 2003 until 2011 doing revival shows at hotels and festivals every single day two shows a day. I then returned to Denmark and made a new album, called “I Wanna Get Up.” In the meantime, I had a single out called “Parquita,” then another one called “I’m the Julemand” meaning (I Am Santa Claus).

Future Hit Songs Review:

What’s in the pipeline for 2018?


Leroy Collins:

I am currently working on a new album and hope to get worldwide recognition this time. I’m still trying for that big record contract and a spot somewhere in Las Vegas. Performing is what I do and I intend to take my last breath on stage. I forgot to mention that I played for George McCrae, and I played for The Jordanaires (Elvis’s original backing singers) when they were on their Scandinavian tour. I was also an actor and did some musicals, like for example, “Hair,” and “Joseph And The Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat.”

Future Hit Songs Review:

I’m amazed by your accomplishments and your drive for success. You also auditioned a couple of times for the X Factor, and Britain Got Talent? Tell me about that?


Leroy Collins:

Britain Got Talent was only one time, but X Factor was twice. On Britain Got Talent, there were about 40,000 thousand people who auditioned, then they cut us down to ten thousand, then we were six thousand who were chosen for the last audition, and I was in the six thousand, and out of six thousand they chose 250 contestants to appear in front of Simon Cowell. I am crossing my fingers and hoping that I am one of the 250 at the X Factor.  Two years ago in London, there were 80 thousand that applied, and then they cut us down to 12 thousand, then 2,500, then three hundred to appear at Boot camp, and I was there at boot camp, and surprise!! I was the oldest at 68.  last year, I also performed at the Copenhagen Jazz Festival, which is a prestigious arrangement.

Future Hit Songs Review:
That’s quite remarkable, something that many will not even dream of achieving. I know you do great impersonations also. I’ve seen you do Stevie Wonder for example. I see you have the current No. 1 and No. 2 song now on the NumberOneMusic site. I fell in love with “Girl” for the lyrics and the melody. It seems to be a sad song. Tell me the story behind it?
Leroy Collins:
The song “Girl,” is a true story about my wife and how I met her. She was a young girl at eighteen when I met her. Everyone said that I was a fool to choose someone like her. They said it wouldn’t last. She was at the karaoke bar that I was running, and she was staring at me all the time, just drinking a cola. So when I finally walked over and asked her to sing, she declined, but one thing led to another. I found out that she was having trouble with her family, and I offered her to be a part of mine.
So, the song is about my wife and our journey from then and now. The song was easy to write, and if you listen carefully you would detect a little anger towards my friends, who instead of supporting me, they were trying to discourage me from what turned out to be the longest and best relationship that I’ve ever had. So that song is meant from the heart, and I’m so happy that everyone likes it. I am actually recording another song that I wrote for my wife called, “I Will.”