Breathe : Follow the Harmonies of Life

Breathe deeply.

Follow the harmonies of life with deep embracing breath.

Let each breath sail on the beauty of the moment.

Let each uninterrupted breath fill your lungs with joy.


Dance with the waves of oxygen as they3d-nature-wallpapers-11 flow through the nostrils.

Spread your arms wide like the wings of a dove and breathe.

Embrace each beauty life brings with a breath of thankfulness.


The Only Commodity Worth Living For

Guard your breath and make each one a lasting enjoyable memory for it is the only commodity in life worth living for.

Life can be bumpy at times. Life can be full of uncertainties at times. Life can be testing at times. Sometimes life feels like we’re out of season and lacking productivity. Sometimes life feels like we’re going nowhere. Sometimes life feels like a rocky wave. Sometimes the turbulence are too numerous and random to cope with. Life will throw many battles for those of us who embrace battles. Life will throw many moments of peace for those of us who embrace peace. What ever life throws you guard your breath. Let nothing ruffles the natural flow of your breath. Breathe deeply, fluently and lovingly and thank God for life in its entirety. Your season of blossom is on the way. Have faith.

One Minute Meditation and Devotion

What if you gave yourself the opportunity to reset your mind and your thoughts for one minute before you commence your day? I am putting together one-minute videos that ill help you do just that. Look for the one-minute meditation videos coming soon.