A Promise Fulfilled – An Unlikely CEO

When Jolyn Robichaux asked me to write her story, I almost doubted myself. I had just published Dear God, An Impatient Conversation with a Patient God. She was an atheist and a good friend and loved my book. She loved my style of writing and she believed that I was the perfect person to tell her story. She had done a lot of writing herself but never brought to a level where it could be published. I had hoped to finish her book in her lifetime, but she passed on February 2017. I committed myself to the promise I made to get her story published.
I had to decide on an approach to the story. It was rich in African American history spanning from 1928 to 1992. I didn’t want it to read like a history book, but I wanted to tell a story about a middle-class African American family growing up in the segregated Black Belt of Chicago and what life was like for them. I then wanted to show how the product from that family Jolyn Robichaux grew from a child to a teenager and then to adulthood. I wanted to show how historical events shaped her way of thinking.
I wanted the theme of the book to be finding one’s life purpose. I showed how she was thrown into her purpose with the sudden death of her husband as she juggled taking over the realms of Baldwin Ice Cream Company and raising two children as a single mother. I wanted to show her despair and as she turned to alcohol to ease her pain and then to her realization that she must stand up to this fight with a clear mind as she pulled herself together. I wanted to show how smart decisions could bring speedy results when things are going wrong.
I wanted to show how women dealt with men before the #Me Too# movement. I wanted to show her character curve as her personality went through changes.
I never forced myself to write. I waited for the story to reveal itself to me. I had to do extensive research to ensure that the time-line of events was accurate. I had to research some of the famous and not so famous people mentioned in the book. I sat on the story for some time to be sure that I was feeling it, and eventually, I did and it felt good.
It feels good to keep a promise to a friend and know that where ever she is, Jolyn Robichaux can be proud of this book. I thank her family for trusting me to write and publish her story.

Ladies and Gentlemen I present to “An Unlikely CEO The Jolyn Robichaux Story.”

An Unlikely CEO: The Jolyn Robichaux Story

Family and Friends, let me introduce my new book “An Unlikely CEO.” It is a remarkable story about one woman’s journey from a housewife to a CEO. Jolyn Robichaux was a contented housewife in her 40’s raising her two children at home when her husband Joe Robichaux suddenly fell ill and died. She had to make a decision on whether to run their ice cream business or pay and train someone to manage it. She decided to manage it on her own. She ignored her doubters who advised her to sell the business as the idea of a woman running her company in the 70s was unheard of. Not only did she manage the business and took it out of receivership, but she turned it into a profitable multimillion corporation. She was named “The National Minority Entrepreneur of the Year” in 1985 becoming the first African American female to receive the award. Vice President George Bush presented her with the award.

The book spans the period from the 1920s to the 90s taking us through her childhood years. It focuses on the challenges of being a middle-class family in the Black Belt of Chicago. It also touches the many compartments of her life and the obstacles she had to overcome to be successful.

“An Unlikely CEO” is a fast-paced vivid read that combines humor and sadness in a way that will tug at your heartstrings.

The book is now available at Amazon.com.


The Making Of A Hit Song – Someone Knew

What happens when an artist captures his emotions from a break up with every heartache, despair, and hopelessness? The answer is simple. You get a potential hit song. Such is the brilliance portrayed in Sleep Walker’s latest single “Someone Knew.” With the deepest of lyrics and an accompanying melody, “Someone Knew” is both captivating and gravitating. It is the kind of song that speaks to our innermost hurts. and forgotten pain lingers yet leaves us holding on to hope.

I had a chat with Recording Artist/Song Writer/Producer Jermel Walker who goes by the name Sleep Walker about his latest song “Someone Knew.” It was the second time I heard the song and everything it meant seemed to marinate within me as I kept it on replay digesting every bit of the melody. I immediately sent him a text firmly believing that he had a hit on his hand. He told me that the song was already getting a lot of buzzes and positive feedback.

Ricardo : First of all Jermel let me congratulate you on a brilliant piece of work. What I love about “Someone Knew” is that it is easy to relate to and you captured the perfect sound for it.

Sleep Walker: It definitely came straight from the heart and everything about it was a real experience. At that time, I was going through a breakup and got the phone call that my ex was really moving on and taking the next step with someone else.

Ricardo: Who is the featured artist on the song? Her vocals are beautiful, powerful and yet so subtle and innocent.

Sleep Walker: Her name is Kristen Warren. She is a good friend of mine from Florida. I was able to capture the message I wanted to with a female vocalist and really bring the vision forward.

Ricardo: Tell me a bit about your musical journey.

Sleep Walker: I grew up in church being the musician at my dad’s church in Florida. I started producing and writing and the rest is history.

Ricardo: How did your name Sleep Walker come about?

Sleep Walker: Sleep Walker came about during my younger days. I grew up with lazy eyes, and people assumed I was high all the time, so the name “Sleep” kind of stuck and my last name is Walker, so it worked itself out.

Ricardo: What’s down the pipeline for you?

Sleep Walker: I want to continue to grow my brand. I love singing and writing but also want to continue to produce and produce other artists.

Ricardo: In a way, Khalid comes to mind when I picture your style.

Sleep Walker: He is one of my favorites, along with PartNextDoor.

Ricardo: You’ve put a twist on the title “Someone Knew” which gives it a deep meaning.

Sleep Walker: Yes, “Someone Knew.” You know in life nothing happens in a vacuum. In a relationship, there is always one person that knows what’s going on. There is a gut feeling that starts to happen even if we choose to ignore it. So, someone knew was perfect.

Ricardo: Thank you Jermel. I love the song and the video down to the last beep at the end.

You can check out Sleep Walker on all social platforms like iTunes, Spotify, Youtube, and Tidal. I encourage you to listen, like and share “Someone Knew.

A Professional Artist On The Rise To Stardom

I had the pleasure of watching the progress of one of the most gifted artists, Gunnice Jones, as she grew to her professional status. We visited her professional art display as she exhibited them in Fort Worth, TX.

Such a beautiful array of intimate art all displaying intricate details. The captivated audience had a lot to digest as we took in her brilliance while munching on good food and snacks. Each of us went home with free samples of her work.

Gunnice greeted everyone and even stopped to have her photo taken. She answered many questions about her journey as an artist and gave advice to those who showed interest in following her path.

The event reconnected me with my past co-worker Angela Dawn who is the proud mom of Gunnice. Angela reminded me of the hard work and sacrifice it took to get her daughter to her current level. It is an inspiration to witness the progress she has made. We are looking forward to great things in her future. With such amazing talent, one can visualize Gunnice’s art in books and even the movie business. Whatever the future holds, one thing is for sure and that is Gunnice Jones is on the rise to stardom.

Ricardo Williams and Angela Dawn


A Letter From God

Dear child,

How are you doing?
Haven’t heard from you in a while,
Is everything alright?
I sense the pain behind your smile.
Remember, I created you,
From the top of your head to the sole of your feet.

My child, you went out on your own.

You did well for yourself,
Even as you placed me in the back of the shelf.
From the outside, you seem quite happy.
But on the inside, tears, the pain of neglect and a dying soul

Spins the wheel of your life out of control.

Material things shield your deep scars,

As you live carefree Monday thru Saturday.

Sleeping around with strangers,

Suppressing anger and frustrations

Hurting others out of your hurt too painful to conceal.

On Sundays, you say it’s all about me.

Your praises feel like a stubborn child resisting a chore,

As you plead forgiveness while holding grudges on everyone else.

You turned your back on serving me

For fear of what others may see.

But I’m here to remind you.

This life is not about you. It’s about Me.

Hold me near, I will always be here.

There are no problems that I haven’t already solved.

Put your trust in me, and I will set you free.

And just remember that I love you.

Yours Truly,


Original piece by Rimondrick Ross

Managing Your Thoughts

Thinking is basically us attaching our thoughts to things seen or imagined. We experience our emotions based on how we interpret our attachment.

Image result for thinking and emotions

There was a time I attached my thoughts to the challenges of surviving and all my energy was put into trying to survive as the drama of life unfolded. The contents of my mind were fear, anger, frustration which caused stress, illnesses and many other challenges. Everything I viewed in life, I viewed it through those lenses. It affected all my relationships.

Image result for worried elderly

I’ve seen people live long years sometimes into their 90’s, a full-blown life cycle battling survival and at the end, they realized that they never truly lived. They were tormented by the thoughts they attached to themselves.
As a writer, I am challenged to focus on bringing my books to life or maybe a script or a life lesson I learned. And every time I do, I feel good about my accomplishments. It is a lot different from the life I lived when my focus was on surviving.
Do you know the focus of your current life? Is it what you want it to be or do you need to make a shift? If you can answer those questions then you will be on your way to managing your thought to focus on achieving the goals you set yourself.

The Power of Distance

If it’s too close to you, it will destroy you.

There is a power in distance. For a long time, I kept my thoughts close to my heart. As a youngster, I worried about a lot of things that I was burdened with pain. Whether I was jogging or walking I kept my head looking down so I could be close to my thoughts. In the moments when I lifted my head, I felt a dramatic shift. My thoughts no longer felt like a burden.

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Today, I concluded that I needed to keep a distance between my thoughts and my body. Now, I take every opportunity to lift my head high. I recognize that some of the most important things in life keep their distance. The sun shines from above. The rain comes from above. The moonlight comes from above. The air that we breathe comes from above.

When we distance ourselves from our thoughts, it allows us to look at things objectively. It allows us to be unattached to situations that normally create fear and anger. When we keep our thoughts in the distance, it allows us to operate in peace and with love. Try keeping in your thoughts in the distance recognizing that its purpose is to serve you and not absorb you.

Remember if the sun came too close to you, it could burn us up. If the rain came too close in its fall, it could drown us. And if our thoughts linger too close to our hearts, it could put a strain beyond repair.

Lift your head high, keep your thoughts in the distance, and enjoy its service of love, peace, and gratitude.