The 24 Hour Life Cycle – Achieving A Peaceful State of Mind

If we were to embark on a road trip, there are certain precautions we will probably take. We will service our vehicle, check that our tyres are in good condition, and fill up our tank with gas. Similarly, life is like a 24 hour road trip and how we prepare for the journey determines the kind of experience we will have along the way.  Our emotional state of mind plays a major role in the process. Achieving emotional peace and stability is the ideal state to maximise our life experience. So how do we get there?

Start your day with stretches, and deep breathing. You may experience dizziness as you break up stored emotional energy in the upper chest. After 30 minutes of stretching and deep breathing, you should have achieved an emotional orgasmic climax, not sexual in nature, but just as effective, resulting in inner peace.

To test your emotional state, intertwine your fingers, and lift your hands above your head and take a deep breath. If you feel emotional discomfort, repeat the process, you will eventually achieve a secured peaceful state of mind.

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