24 Hours to Reminiscent

Sometimes when I awaken, an old friend would pop into my mind. Sometimes that friend is deceased. I would stand still and reflect on the good times and the meaningful love that person brought into my life.

Memories of times spent with loved ones are healing in nature and manifest themselves into powerful experiences in the moment.

Not all beautiful memories have to be of the deceased. Sometimes just watching my daughter seeing how she has grown and remembering her through the stages of infancy, toddler, child, and adulthood fills me up with awe and excitement.

I want to give her as much space as is needed for her to grow. At the same time, I want to give her as much guidance as possible in our conversations without being overbearing. I would state clearly the consequences that may evolve from certain thoughts and actions then trust that she gets the message and is smart enough to embrace it.

Today is a good day to love, cherish and reminiscent over the special people who have molded your life.

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