The 24 Hour Approach – Love is a Mighty Healer

24 hours ago, I adopted a 24 hour approach to life pushing to accomplish my goals with the mentality that 24 hours is all I have left. The result was amazing. I advanced a script I’ve been working on to a point where even though I didn’t finish it, I’m at a better place than I was months ago. 

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We tend to take life for granted, assuming that we have a full lifespan guaranteed to us. I’ve erased those ideas from my mind turning my focus on putting my house in order with the 24 hours that is available to me. Much of my morning is spent on healing my emotional state of mind. It means dropping everything that angered me. It means spending more time basking in the kindness and gratitude I received from others. I can pull from my resources of kindness I received from years ago. Kindness like the landlord who gave me mangoes and bananas as a gift while we were facing a potential eviction when I was 8 years old. Or the kindness I received from a co-worker who gave me rides after work when I didn’t have a car even as she was battling with depressions of her own. It’s funny how the bad things we encounter in life disappear and how the good things remain. 

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As I use part of my 24 hours to reflect on loved ones and friends, I can feel the tightness within me unwinding. It means if this is my last 24 hour, at least I have prepared my body and spirit to accept it the way I want it to be and that is peacefully, for love is a mighty healer. 

Give someone the gift of a mighty love today.

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