24 Hours To Discover God

What if you had 24 hours to discover God? As I took my morning walk through the natural wooded park, the question crossed my mind. I pondered a bit and decided to give it a try. Could God be in the bushes or hiding in the petals of the blossoming weeds? I stood for a moment and focused on the intricate beauty of the weeds.

Types of Lawn Weeds Growing and Flowering in April

Still not sure that I found God, I turned my attention to the breath of morning in fresh air. I clutched on to each breath hoping that God would pop through my nostrils. It felt great, but I still wasn’t convinced. I closed my eyes and felt the warmth of the morning rays of sunlight reflecting an orange glow on my pupils. This must be God I thought as gripped my eyes tightly shut basking and soaking up the sunlight.

Morning Sun Images, Stock Photos & Vectors | Shutterstock

What was I to say to those creeping disturbing thoughts that have caused me so much stress in my lifetime? “Not today,” I shouted. “I have no time for sadness. I only have time for joy.” What do I do with the people in my life that angered me? Suddenly, those things seemed unimportant, and compromise, forgiveness, and respect ushered in a new wave of love that broke the wrath of anger and welcomed the broken chains of freedom.

What about those goals I’ve procrastinated on? I jumped into action with a purpose short on time trying to finish what I’ve started.

But what if I was given another 24 hours to discover God wouldn’t my previous 24 hours have been well spent? Think about it as you start your day and make full use of each moment.

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