Walking With Closed Eyes- The Secret of Stress Reduction

Our eyes are the windows to our soul. They see a lot of things and spends a lot of time interpreting them. Such a loathsome burden leaves us with heavy eyes and enormous stress. It was that predicament that led me to discover the magical wonders of walking with closed eyes.

It all started when my beautiful wife woke me up for one of our morning walks. We would go to our neighborhood park and walk for seven miles. On that particular morning, I had only gotten 4 hours sleep. There was no way I was going to make it. As we started walking, I came up with a great plan to walk with my eyes closed. “Are you out of your mind?” I heard the voice in my head echoed. “What if you walked in front of a car or fall into a manhole? Even worse, what if you walked into a barbed wire fence, or fell over a cliff, or stepped on a snake?”

To minimize my fear, I decided to take short strides and open my eyes intermittently to ensure that I’m walking in a straight line. Sure enough, I was drifting to the sidewalk. Then I figured out that my head was operating like a compass and I was following the direction of my head. I straightened my head in the direction I wanted to go, and it worked perfectly as when someone discovers the technique for riding a bicycle for the first time.

Once I was walking with my eyes closed, my fatigue disappeared, and I had a feeling of renewed energy that quickened my steps. With closed eyes, I was no longer trying to make sense of what’s happening on the outside. Instead, I turned my focus to what’s happening within. I felt total calm and peace within. I heard the chirping of the birds, the sound of the wind, and the rustling of the trees.

Time lost its relevance and replacing it was an awareness of my presence in the grand scheme of the universe basking in its warmth and comfort of the morning rays of sunlight. I covered my seven miles in a time frame significantly less than when my eyes were opened. I still opened my eyes intermittently but with practice, I covered a greater ground with my eyes closed.

These days, I look forward to my morning walks, eager to cover my 7 miles with the knowledge that time won’t be a factor in my quest as the entire experience is at my command. If you are highly stressed, I recommend practicing walking with closed eyes and you’ll discover a world of stress relief accomplished with little or no effort.

Ricardo Williams is the author of Unchained Minds

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