Retaking Your Heaven

Stop for a moment. Acknowledge where you are. Take a deep breath, then imagine right here, right now in this space, you are in Heaven. Imagine it to be everything you were told about this magical land of “milk and honey,” with rolling green pastures, mild radiating sunshine, cool brisk breeze. Smile as you take in the experience. Release the burden of your emotions as you no longer require them. Then ask yourself, “Do I need to die and go to such a place to experience it, if I can lay hear in my space and experience it mentally?”

The only thing hindering our heavenly experience is the things we allow to disturb our peace of mind. We have the power and authority o determine what we allow to disturb our mental peace and what course of action we take to regain it. If your space was a country, you will be the government that makes decisions to govern your peace. So who have you given that power to? Well, its time to return that power to you. It’s time to stop blaming others for what is lost. It’s time to rise up as the governance of your peace and make decisions that enhances your experience of peace while weeding out the elements that destroy it.

Stay in your lane, guard your peace turning every moment into a glimpse of your heavenly experience.

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