Talk – J. Howell ft. Kyle Hippy Song Review

Justin Howell who goes by the name J. Howell is the most refreshing sound coming out of Memphis Tennessee. He is the modern contemporary R&B singer/ songwriter blending his spiritual roots with R&B giving us the feel of an upgrade on 90s greats of R&B.

On “Talk” J. Howell takes us on a journey of a strained relationship. The song’s intro is unique giving us the feeling of ancestorial love rising from the depths of the underground. Then we are introduced to the simple infusion of R&B beats and the crooning voice of J. Howell as he hovers over every word making the sound of love feel like the erasing of hidden scars. And how about Rapper Kyle Hippy with a bridge that transforms the song just when you think it can’t take our emotions any further. Kyle gives us a look into his view of the woman in the relationship living above her means breaking it down in vintage Hip Hop lyrics like “She’s a bad b”tch, she just might sell your life.” And the blend of J.Howell and Kyle Hippy singing “me baby” is just memorable. “Talk” is a masterful R&B vocal performance that deserves to be at the top of the charts.

Here is a quote from his Youtube feed on what his n=music means to him, “Music has been like a double-edged sword for me, but once I allowed my music to guide me instead of me take the lead, I found myself as an artist. I, now, realize that my voice is my talent and my music is my gift to the world. And I plan to invoke change—one soul at a time.” – J. Howell

J. Howell “Talk” available now in Apple Music from the album that is easy and enjoyable to listen to “Red Room.”

You can also find J. Howell’s “Talk” on the Billboard Adult R&B Chart at No. 26 and rising.

About the Author:

Ricardo Williams is the author of “Unchained Mind” Powerful Lifechanging Toughts on Peace, Love, and Success.”

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