The Hollow of Emotional Pain

What’s in the hollow region of our chest? The region that bores that constant feeling of discomfort? And what can I do about it?

If you’re like me and you are constantly checking for discomfort areas in the body, you probably spend a lot of time working the chest region.

Closeup shot of an unidentifiable businesswoman holding her chest in pain

You probably go through intermitent moments of breathing deeply or holding your breath to feel the extent of your discomfort.

But what is the cause of the discomfort? It could be caused by a number of factors, but I am going to point out one key factor to you. The hollow region of your chest is filled with your insecurities. In fact, it is so filled to the brim that it feels like it is tearing you apart. Remember yesterday news, the time you’ve spent consumed by its negativity? It’s all part of the make up of insecurities in your subconscience. It is now placing a burden of strain on you. So what’s the solution to this problem? Stop all that you are doing. Find a quiet place where silence is your only company. Maybe a warm bubble bath.

Focus only on your breathing and the positive things in your life. You are special. You are wonderful. You are loved. Keep those thoughts for a period of 15 to 30 minutes taking deep breaths throughout the process, and feel the difference as you emerge from it.

For more details on managing stress and thought control, checkout my new book “Unchained Mind” by Ricardo Williams. See link below.

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