An Unlikely CEO: The Jolyn Robichaux Story

Family and Friends, let me introduce my new book “An Unlikely CEO.” It is a remarkable story about one woman’s journey from a housewife to a CEO. Jolyn Robichaux was a contented housewife in her 40’s raising her two children at home when her husband Joe Robichaux suddenly fell ill and died. She had to make a decision on whether to run their ice cream business or pay and train someone to manage it. She decided to manage it on her own. She ignored her doubters who advised her to sell the business as the idea of a woman running her company in the 70s was unheard of. Not only did she manage the business and took it out of receivership, but she turned it into a profitable multimillion corporation. She was named “The National Minority Entrepreneur of the Year” in 1985 becoming the first African American female to receive the award. Vice President George Bush presented her with the award.

The book spans the period from the 1920s to the 90s taking us through her childhood years. It focuses on the challenges of being a middle-class family in the Black Belt of Chicago. It also touches the many compartments of her life and the obstacles she had to overcome to be successful.

“An Unlikely CEO” is a fast-paced vivid read that combines humor and sadness in a way that will tug at your heartstrings.

The book is now available at

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