The Making Of A Hit Song – Someone Knew

What happens when an artist captures his emotions from a break up with every heartache, despair, and hopelessness? The answer is simple. You get a potential hit song. Such is the brilliance portrayed in Sleep Walker’s latest single “Someone Knew.” With the deepest of lyrics and an accompanying melody, “Someone Knew” is both captivating and gravitating. It is the kind of song that speaks to our innermost hurts. and forgotten pain lingers yet leaves us holding on to hope.

I had a chat with Recording Artist/Song Writer/Producer Jermel Walker who goes by the name Sleep Walker about his latest song “Someone Knew.” It was the second time I heard the song and everything it meant seemed to marinate within me as I kept it on replay digesting every bit of the melody. I immediately sent him a text firmly believing that he had a hit on his hand. He told me that the song was already getting a lot of buzzes and positive feedback.

Ricardo : First of all Jermel let me congratulate you on a brilliant piece of work. What I love about “Someone Knew” is that it is easy to relate to and you captured the perfect sound for it.

Sleep Walker: It definitely came straight from the heart and everything about it was a real experience. At that time, I was going through a breakup and got the phone call that my ex was really moving on and taking the next step with someone else.

Ricardo: Who is the featured artist on the song? Her vocals are beautiful, powerful and yet so subtle and innocent.

Sleep Walker: Her name is Kristen Warren. She is a good friend of mine from Florida. I was able to capture the message I wanted to with a female vocalist and really bring the vision forward.

Ricardo: Tell me a bit about your musical journey.

Sleep Walker: I grew up in church being the musician at my dad’s church in Florida. I started producing and writing and the rest is history.

Ricardo: How did your name Sleep Walker come about?

Sleep Walker: Sleep Walker came about during my younger days. I grew up with lazy eyes, and people assumed I was high all the time, so the name “Sleep” kind of stuck and my last name is Walker, so it worked itself out.

Ricardo: What’s down the pipeline for you?

Sleep Walker: I want to continue to grow my brand. I love singing and writing but also want to continue to produce and produce other artists.

Ricardo: In a way, Khalid comes to mind when I picture your style.

Sleep Walker: He is one of my favorites, along with PartNextDoor.

Ricardo: You’ve put a twist on the title “Someone Knew” which gives it a deep meaning.

Sleep Walker: Yes, “Someone Knew.” You know in life nothing happens in a vacuum. In a relationship, there is always one person that knows what’s going on. There is a gut feeling that starts to happen even if we choose to ignore it. So, someone knew was perfect.

Ricardo: Thank you Jermel. I love the song and the video down to the last beep at the end.

You can check out Sleep Walker on all social platforms like iTunes, Spotify, Youtube, and Tidal. I encourage you to listen, like and share “Someone Knew.

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