A Professional Artist On The Rise To Stardom

I had the pleasure of watching the progress of one of the most gifted artists, Gunnice Jones, as she grew to her professional status. We visited her professional art display as she exhibited them in Fort Worth, TX.

Such a beautiful array of intimate art all displaying intricate details. The captivated audience had a lot to digest as we took in her brilliance while munching on good food and snacks. Each of us went home with free samples of her work.

Gunnice greeted everyone and even stopped to have her photo taken. She answered many questions about her journey as an artist and gave advice to those who showed interest in following her path.

The event reconnected me with my past co-worker Angela Dawn who is the proud mom of Gunnice. Angela reminded me of the hard work and sacrifice it took to get her daughter to her current level. It is an inspiration to witness the progress she has made. We are looking forward to great things in her future. With such amazing talent, one can visualize Gunnice’s art in books and even the movie business. Whatever the future holds, one thing is for sure and that is Gunnice Jones is on the rise to stardom.

Ricardo Williams and Angela Dawn


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