Managing Your Thoughts

Thinking is basically us attaching our thoughts to things seen or imagined. We experience our emotions based on how we interpret our attachment.

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There was a time I attached my thoughts to the challenges of surviving and all my energy was put into trying to survive as the drama of life unfolded. The contents of my mind were fear, anger, frustration which caused stress, illnesses and many other challenges. Everything I viewed in life, I viewed it through those lenses. It affected all my relationships.

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I’ve seen people live long years sometimes into their 90’s, a full-blown life cycle battling survival and at the end, they realized that they never truly lived. They were tormented by the thoughts they attached to themselves.
As a writer, I am challenged to focus on bringing my books to life or maybe a script or a life lesson I learned. And every time I do, I feel good about my accomplishments. It is a lot different from the life I lived when my focus was on surviving.
Do you know the focus of your current life? Is it what you want it to be or do you need to make a shift? If you can answer those questions then you will be on your way to managing your thought to focus on achieving the goals you set yourself.

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