The Power of Distance

If it’s too close to you, it will destroy you.

There is a power in distance. For a long time, I kept my thoughts close to my heart. As a youngster, I worried about a lot of things that I was burdened with pain. Whether I was jogging or walking I kept my head looking down so I could be close to my thoughts. In the moments when I lifted my head, I felt a dramatic shift. My thoughts no longer felt like a burden.

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Today, I concluded that I needed to keep a distance between my thoughts and my body. Now, I take every opportunity to lift my head high. I recognize that some of the most important things in life keep their distance. The sun shines from above. The rain comes from above. The moonlight comes from above. The air that we breathe comes from above.

When we distance ourselves from our thoughts, it allows us to look at things objectively. It allows us to be unattached to situations that normally create fear and anger. When we keep our thoughts in the distance, it allows us to operate in peace and with love. Try keeping in your thoughts in the distance recognizing that its purpose is to serve you and not absorb you.

Remember if the sun came too close to you, it could burn us up. If the rain came too close in its fall, it could drown us. And if our thoughts linger too close to our hearts, it could put a strain beyond repair.

Lift your head high, keep your thoughts in the distance, and enjoy its service of love, peace, and gratitude.

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