Just For Fun! – Breaking Trends On Facebook

There is a new hot and striving group on Facebook called Just For Fun!. It touches many topics on relationships and it gets edgy at times. In its early stage of development, it’s already approaching active 1500 members predominantly from the Dallas area. This makes “Just For Fun!” a walking Facebook meets YELP. It is the kind of group that excites all forms of business entities.

It’s founder Tracy Record is a natural who spurns conversation just by posting a topic that people identifies with. It was while monitoring her posts, I recognized that she will be the ideal candidate to host an Online Group about relationships. She jumped to the idea and “Just For Fun!” was born.

Tracy not only posts interesting topics, but she also organizes Meetup events where members greet each other and engage in fun times.

Her most recent event at the Miller Tavern in Arlington saw 35 members show up to eat chicken wings and drink cocktails while posing for a few photos. It was easy for an introvert like myself to feel appreciated and wanted and I left with a fulfilled feeling and a permanent smile on my face.

With such a huge gathering of fun loving people located within the DFW area, “Just For Fun!” is a launching pad for all events and occasions. They are even thinking of a cruise.

What works well for “Just For Fun!” is a committed Admin that are regularly brainstorming strategies to make the group interesting. The members have varying strengths and when they come together, they create cohesive ideas that enhance the group.

Could “Just For Fun!” be a trendsetter in the dating industry? Social media is here to stay and now is the perfect time for Facebook Groups to embrace innovation and propel it into the future. “Just For Fun!” is like a mobile Facebook meeting a mobile YELP and it is all done under the umbrella of fun and good times in a group that treat members like family and is a feasting ground for business entities as they seek new ways to target their potential markets.

Just For Fun! is free and can be accessed by clicking the link below.


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