A Comedy Show Like No Other

Recently I got the chance to chat with Carl Jones about his upcoming Valentine’s Day Comedy Show at the AA Event Center in Dallas TX. I wanted to know about Mr. Roger That, a spontaneously funny comedian who can crack up an audience just be sitting in his car during a LIVE feed and yawning. He is a Comedian that has a thorough understanding of how women think. It is not surprising that women make up about 90% of his followers. The idea of having the rug pulled from under leaves them laughing and wanting to hear more. For men in the audience, nothing benefits them more than getting a clear understanding of the devious ways women think and analyze things as exposed by Mr. Roger That.

Ricardo Williams: Carl, what can people expect from Mr. Roger That Comedy Show?

Carl Jones: Mr. Roger That is very raw & funny. He has been entertaining audiences for the past 3 years starting out making videos initially on Facebook. Now Mr. Roger That has built a following up of over 400,000 on social media. When people come out to see Mr. Roger That Live they get comedy at it’s best with an interactive show.

Ricardo Williams: I have to say in watching and listening to Mr. Roger That, he seems to connect perfectly with the mind of women. He connects with their deepest thoughts. The kind of thoughts women think, but won’t tell it to their man, but reveal it through their actions.

Carl Jones: Exactly right. He offers tips to women on how to keep your man satisfied and he is transparent regarding many issues of the day.

Ricardo Williams: What can we expect from Mr. Roger That in the future?

Carl Jones: We are putting together a compilation DVD this year showcasing his work and you can expect a lot of his new products such as Gloss line, shirts, and other clothing.

Ricardo Williams: How did the name Mr. Roger That come about?

Carl Jones: “Now you Roger That” is the punch line he uses after every joke and somehow, it caught on and the audience loves shouting it back at him. He is also known as the Queen of Shade.

Ricardo Williams: I have a feeling that Valentine’s Day is going to be really special because of this show.

Carl Jones: It sure will. We have a wide range of talented comedians. The admission is $20 in advance and $35 at the door. We offer a VIP ticket at $40 where you get to meet and converse with the comedians. The show will be held at the AA Event Center at 11601 Plano Road #120, Dallas TX 75243. Doors open at 7 PM and Showtime begins at 8 PM. Spread the word around. It is going to be a blast.

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