The Occupants

After every night’s sleep, as we open our eyes, as we take our first conscious breath, the occupants are waiting on the outside to take up residence within us. We feel the pain and discomfort as thoughts come rushing in. We feel the weight and burden of the baggage the occupants deposit. The weight of failure. The weight of not good enough. The weight of an uncertain future and uncertain finances. As it weighs us down the reality of its discomfort take a toll on our mental state.


The occupants won’t pay a rent or mortgage. It won’t bring peace of mind. It wreaks havoc on everything in its path. It wears us down and burns us out. It captures, evicts and subjects us to a feeling of pain without pleasure. It torments our soul. It renders us powerless. But we’re not. We can take back the power. Follow these steps.

Be aware. Being aware allows to acknowledge and identify the occupants that are causing us emotional discomfort.


Be silent. Silence allows us to confront and shed the baggage of destructive thoughts. Silence here doesn’t only mean being away from noise or keeping our mouths shut, it, however, focuses on the silence of thoughts. To do so, we focus only on our breathing.

Breathe Deeply. Breathing deeply allows us to flush out the occupants on the inside and replace it with our natural breath of life. Our conscious breathing allows our mind to create healthy thoughts of a love of self and peace within filled with kindness and compassion towards ourselves and others.


Stretch and groan. Stretching allows us to embrace our borders and in the process of us expanding ourselves and embracing our outer reach, our spontaneous groaning expells any negative energy from within us. Stretching our arms and holding the position until we feel totally at peace with ourselves is the final phase of removing and replacing the destructive occupants that show up in our first wake with the occupants we desire.


Now that we’ve achieved our desired occupants, we are tasked with nurturing and serving them. Nurture each breath with love, peace, optimistic prayers, and silence. Do intermittent stretches. Do these things and you will have a greater control of your emotions than if you did nothing at all.

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