A Brother Like No Other

I had mix feelings about having a big brother, one that thought me to play cricket as a right-hander even though I was left-handed. As early as I could remember, we were opposite in many ways. I wanted his dark curly hair and he wanted by my rough wooly hair. He wanted an Afro and I just wanted to slick my hair down and put a path in it.


He introduced me to bodybuilding. We used to go to the old gym in Tanteen and lift all types of heavy iron and metal. In those days, there were no thread mills or electronic machine for workouts. It was pure iron for muscles. I wore a shirt size smaller to enhance my skinny body. Wayne, on the other hand, had muscles.


Wayne got in trouble one time as far as I could remember. He pulled a prank on me. We used to walk down Green Street to empty our thrash in the dumpster and that day it had rained heavily. On our way home, Wayne pointed at an object under a tree and asked me to go fetch it and when I stood under the tree, he shook the branches and soaked me. He went off laughing while I was screaming my head off. Mom spanked him and he was upset. I remember him quoting a Jimmy Cliff song title when he told Mom, “Time will tell.” I took it to mean that he would see better days, and he did.


Wayne had a passion for photography and meteorology, but it was his love for theater that brought the crowds to his stage performances. I sat proudly in the audience trying to make sense of each play and loved them all.


We had different taste in women. Wayne liked dark-skinned women, and I light-skinned women. It was evident in the way we were attached to our favorite aunts. He was close to Auntie Alice and I was close to Auntie Clara (Lord Rest her Soul in Peace). He married the perfect woman and so did I.


My brother, for all the times you stood by me when I was wrong., and for all the fights you fought to protect me, and finally, for the great memories of our lives together, may God continue to guide you and bless you on this day and for years to come. Happy birthday to you.


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