Three Breathing Exercises To Restore Your Health


Some of my writings may seem repetitious but I believe at some point the message will resonate. There is a saying that “repetition is the mother of learning.” Today, I’m focusing on three simple breathing exercises that will restore your health. I believe that many health issues are the result of a broken spirit and today I will focus on restoration.


The first breathing exercise focuses on the full length and journey of our breath. Find a comfortable spot. I normally choose my recliner when I’m doing these exercises. You don’t have to but be sure to be relaxed and comfortable. Take a deep breath and imagine that you have eyes within you that is watching the journey of the oxygen within that breath moving through your nostrils, into your throat, and entering into your lungs. See your lungs expanding to full capacity, then exhale. Repeat the process for 15 to 30 minutes. Doing this process narrows the focus of your thoughts on visualizing the process of breathing. There should be no other distracting thoughts. If you are distracted, refocus until you can see the full journey of your breath.


The second breathing exercise focuses on someone that you love, past or present. Focus on the areas of their life that you admire most and smile while doing so. Start breathing with that person on your mind. Think of their humility, kindness, passion for life, their love for you and others, the difference they made in the world just by being there, and the life lessons they’ve thought you. Smile as you think of them. Keep breathing and keep smiling. You may feel distracted at times but just refocus on the person you chose. Try this for 15 minutes.


The third breathing exercise focuses on you. See yourself in the future living to the lifestyle that you want to experience. Be specific. For example, you are a successful screenwriter or a  professional photographer with a celebrity clientele. Think big but be authentic in your choice. Don’t see yourself as a pilot if you have no interest in flying a plane. Smile as you follow the journey of your successful life. See yourself receiving awards for your works. See yourself on a stage thanking those who supported you and made it possible for your success. See the crowds applauding you and showing appreciation for your work. This part of the exercise should last about 15 minutes. Keep smiling and keep breathing.

In this exercise, I thought you to visually follow your breath, focus on a loved one past or present, and breathe your authentic self into existence. The process lasted about 1 hour. Coming out of it, spread your arms wide and take a deep breath. You may feel a bit light headed at first but you will feel refreshed. For maximum success, the process should be repeated daily. Enjoy your healthy living.

IMG_2131 (1)

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