Five Hip-Hop Songs To Knock You Into Shape

It took me 6 months to get my body into the shape I can be proud of, but it will be unfair for me to take credit for my hard work and not give credit to the songs that bent me back into shape.

A wide variety of songs have played a role in knocking me back into shape, but I will focus on 5 Hip-Hop songs that got the job done.

No. 5.

Pusha T – If You Know You Know

Pusha T starts off with a sleepy Rap monologue that effectively sets the tone of the song to jump off and when the music finally joins in, it captivates you and keeps you bouncing around as you get in shape. This is a classic melody for working out to and Pusha T has the right mindset and tone of voice in this song to get the job done.

No. 4

G-Eazy – 1942 ft. Yo Gotti, YBN Nahmir

Coming from the Soundtrack of “Uncle Drew,” if you stayed for the credit, you would have heard this Rap which to me is worth the wait. 1942 makes my list of workout songs. The melody is so addictive that it bounces you around whether you are bouncing or not. Yo Gotti kicks this off with a short croaky monologue before the melody kicks in taking you on a high. G-Eazy then brings his confident smooth floor before Yo Gotti comes back like a ball of fire. Whether you are on the Basketball court or in the gym, 1942 will knock you into shape.

No. 3


Apes**t gives you the feeling like you are lost in the Vatican as it starts with the sound of church bells and sirens but slowing the music eases over the vocals of Ape Ape Ape monologue and you know you about to go Ape-shit. Why? Because Beyonce is going to get you. Queen B keeps this song busy with vocals that sound its intent from the get-go. This song is so captivating that even during the sudden pauses in the melody, you’ll be itching to dance. Then with an “Arrrw” the music comes back in and sweeps you off the floor and then here comes Jay-Z in the peak of his form knocking you around in an ecstasy of Rap. Apes**t will knock you into shape whether you want to or not. You will knock your brains out dancing to this.

No. 2

Drake – In My Feelings

I really believe Drake dreamt this melody because it is so flawless that it could have only come from a dream. OK, so you get a warm up to the video as Drake confronts KeKe in some routine humor, but hey! this is a video so we can expect that. Then like an easy orgasm, the music hits you and builds you up to a chant of “Let’s go let’s go.” Then you are the mercy of Drake smoothly crooning over this captivating rhythm that will leave you begging for more. This is a Ghetto love song and the video does it perfect justice. “In My Feeling” has so many layers for you to lose yourself in that it is definitely on the top of my workout list.

No. 1

A$AP Rocky – Praise The Lord (Da Shine) (Official Video) ft. Skepta

So we’re up to the No. 1 song that has knocked me into shape and this Rap is so cool that it will have you praising the Lord and cursing at the same time. The song starts off with an easy flute sound before the rhythm builds into an easy jump-back melody. The song definitely gives you the feeling of DMX and it does a great job of keeping you in that frame of mind while bouncing you around and back into shape. You can keep this on replay for 20 minutes and by then you will be in perfect shape.

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