Stop, Listen, Start


There are three steps I take whenever I start my day. I stop, listen, then start. I call it the resetting phase of my life. I stop my thoughts. I listen to my breathing, then after an hour or two, I start my day.

Stopping is the first step to reset my day.


I put a halt to all my thoughts that have built up from the previous day up to that moment. I lay in my recliner or some comfortable position.


Then I listen to the sound of my breathing. I listen to my breath as it goes through my nostrils, into my chest and down to my stomach. By focusing on the sound of my breathing, I drown out any thoughts that are not affiliated with my breath. In minutes, I feel the walls of emotional resistance coming down exposing and reducing my level of stress. This is what I call the recharging phase. It’s like watching a battery in charge mode, every breath brings me one step closer to being fully charged. It normally takes a battery up to an hour to fully charge and similarly, I need that time frame to fully recharge my body.


I undergo numerous emotional changes through the listening phase from feeling light-headed to a restoration of calm. The listening phase gives me the clarity I need to start my day.

IMG_2153 (1)

Once I feel totally recharged, I start my day, doing the things I enjoy the most only to repeat the process of the stop, listen, and start as my energy level runs low.


To stop, listen, and start will give you clarity of thought which will help discover the true essence of who you are. Try it sometime.


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