An Unchained Mind Minute – The Dual Life

An Unchained Mind Minute:
The dual nature of life.
There is a saying that life is not fair, and it isn’t, but it gives us the ability to respond to things we deem unfair. It also rewards us with the emotions we attach to. For example, the loss of a friend or loved one can leave us angry or it can fill us with love and compassion and beautiful memories. We get to choose.
There are many emotions in life and each brings an automatic response from within us and dictate our state of mind. Being angry with another person only hands over what control we have to that person. It becomes a double whammy. Holding a grudge against someone only leaves a self-destructive ache in our hearts.
Life is dual in nature and luckily we control the power to choose the state of our emotions. Do it lovingly, be compassionate, express humility and forgive yourself in the process.

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