The Disaster Artist – A Movie Review


When Greg, played by Dave Franco fails in his bid to become an actor, he turns to his classmate Tommy, played by James Franco as a coach. The two develop a friendship based on spontaneous decisions, trust, and chaos. Two spontaneously decides to go to visit the site of the scene of the accident that took the life of their idol James Dean. They are aware of his struggles as an actor and how many people had given up on him, but he was persistent to follow his dreams. They pledge the same persistence and to pull each other up. Tommy is a mysterious character who moves through scenes of feeling confident to feeling helpless and isolated. He pushes Greg out of his comfort zone by having him reenact lines in restaurants and bars. The two moves to California to pursue their acting careers. The movie shows the various stages of the struggles experienced by both Greg and Tommy as their lives play like a see-saw up and down. When Greg suggest to Tommy that they produce their own movie, Tommy not only hired his crew for the filming, but purchased the cameras and other equipment as opposed to renting it.

Greg and Tommy seems like the perfect, imperfect friendship until Greg falls in love with Amber (Alison Brie) and moves in with her. We witness Tommy dealing with the fear of abandonment as he kick and throw things around.

There are many good performances in this movie. James Franco as Tommy is both annoying and convincing. Dave Franco as Greg is both charming and confused as he tries to understand his friend Tommy. Seth Rogen as Sandy who is hired to work on Tommy’s film is convincing.  There are many funny scenes like Tommy forgetting his lines in the rehearsal, and Tommy trying to shoot a nude scene.

The Disaster Artist is a good movie. I enjoyed it as I understood the struggles and challenges of the actors. The problem with the movie is that it didn’t answer the questions that were on my mind and I believe many people who saw the movie. Simple questions like where the Tommy get his money, what country is he from, and how old he is. The movie also didn’t give us a back story of the characters so that we can understand why they act the way they do.

I give the “Disaster Artist,” 3 Stars out of 5.


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