Grown And Sexy R&B Dallas Nominates Brian McKnight The 2017 Fan Award


If you haven’t been Brianized on the Internet in 2017 by legendary singer, writer, and producer Brian McKnight, then you’ve missed out on the best thing that happened in the year.

Brian McKnight used the web to globally unite his fans and give them musical treats that they couldn’t resist. Brianized quickly became a date night for fans to look forward to. Fans got to listen to Brian sing some of their favorite hits and even heard him tackle songs from some of his favorite artists.

The sessions were so personalized that fans got to share their love with him and thank him for his years of service in the music industry. The impact of Brian’s songs are of such a wide range that it engulfs all occasions, from weddings, with “Back At One,” to break ups with “One Last Cry.” There is also the seductive songs like “Anytime” which I remember singing to someone on my way home from class at the World Trade Center in New York in 1999, and then there is “Love Of My Life,” which he sings with a perfect falsetto. Then there is the sensual and tender “Never Felt This Way” which beautifully integrates R&B with Jazz.

You can catch his latest “Forever,” which just about says it all that his music will last many lifetimes, and probably will be around forever.

You’ve been Brianized.

IMG_E2201 (2)

Grown And Sexy R&B Dallas recently Awarded Martan Dean “The Person Of The Year Award.”


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