An Interview with Martan Dean, Grown And Sexy R&B Dallas “Person Of The Year” Award



In a world of people empowerment, the marketing power of any entity lies with the commitment of its members. When Ricardo Williams launched the Facebook Group, “Grown And Sexy R&B Dallas, he was hoping to engage music lovers and bring them to a place where they can engage in their favorite songs and even share memories in music. He found the perfect member in an Uncle by marriage in Martan Dean. Martan is the uncle of Ricardo’s wife Anjanette, and he has a great love and passion for music.

Grown And Sexy R&B Dallas awarded $100.00 to Martan for his commitment and interaction with the site and also awarded him, the “Person Of The Year,” award.


We caught up with Martan who lives in Rochester NY, for an interview:

Grown And Sexy R&B Dallas:

Have you always loved music?



I’ve always loved music. There are songs for every part of my life experience.


Grown And Sexy R&B Dallas:

Totally agree with you. Some songs brings us back to beautiful memories. How do you use the group site, “Grown And Sexy R&B Dallas?”



I try to Share the site with as many people as I can. I listen to the music on the site almost everyday. The songs are part of my day. I’ve already listened to some this morning.


Grown And Sexy R&B Dallas:

You won the “Person Of The Year” Award. You were one of the first persons to join the Group and you were committed all the way. That in a nutshell is the story of life.



I’m smiling from ear to ear. I just love what you started, and I enjoy music, and commentary. I hope the site continues to grow, and I’m happy to be a part of it. It enriches my life.


Grown And Sexy R&B Dallas:

What will you like Listeners to know about you? We know that you are a Veteran, you love music, and you love children.



I like helping people, just for the joy it brings them and me in the process. I am a humble man who just loves life. It makes me feel good to see people successful in the things they strive for.


Grown And Sexy R&B Dallas:

We love your heart, spirit, and soul. Thank you for the interview.


Martan served Post Nam as the U.S was getting out of Vietnam. He served for 4 years. He was on the carrier “The U S S INDEPENDENCE C V 62. He said that they were all over the Mediterranean including Italy, Spain, Greece, and even the Mother Land, Africa. It’s an experience he would always treasure. His job was refueling the Jets and other aircrafts.


His hobbies include his love for old school muscled cars. He makes chocolate roses, and chocolate covered strawberries. He loves working with his hands, and taking pictures. He was born in the 50’s, but his favorite decades in music are the 70’s and the 80’s. He has 12 grandkids.

He describes his wife, Cynthia, as an amazing woman. They’ve been married for two years, but been together for 5 years, but have known each other for about 40 years.

Grown And Sexy R&B Dallas will like to congratulate Martan Dean on the “Person Of The Year” Award.

We also like to thank the following nominees for their contributions. Each nominee will receive a copy of the book, “Dear God, An Impatient Conversation With a Patient God,” by Author Ricardo Williams.

Richelle Bubb – Richelle is an Admin of the group and has played a very important role in building group membership, posting favorite videos, and LIKING and commenting on videos. Richelle is also an innovator as I remember when she posted the first Spanish video.

Richie Gibbs – Richie is an Admin and has played an important role in boosting membership, and posting, LIKING, and commenting on videos. He is also an innovative person. I remember when he introduced the first comedy video to the group.

Shericka T. Giles:  Shericka is an Admin and has played a very important role in building membership and driving innovation. Thanks to Shericka’s innovative thinking that we now have LIVE DJ sessions in the group. She gave us DJ Bro-Rabb Mr Lawd Have Mercy.

DJ Bro-Rabb: By far the best Online DJ there is. He takes us on an intense musical journey on Sundays and Tuesdays. During his sessions, one is drawn into his music and feels so connected that it is like a magnetic work of art. On Sundays, he takes us into the bedroom, and on Tuesdays he takes us to the club.

All nominees can contact me by email to receive your prizes or instant message me.

In addition, Grown And Sexy R&B Dallas will like to thank all the Admins, and all the members. We also thank the artists and promoters in the Group. We value each and every one of you and encourage you to post and share your work and keep the Group growing and the vision of Grown And Sexy R&B Dallas of bringing the marketplace and the consumers under one umbrella.





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