Journey of Understanding Ourselves

A reading from “Unchained Mind,’ page 39.

The most complicated journey we’ll take is the journey of understanding ourselves, and it’s the most important.

We’ll discover what makes us smile and what makes us cry. We’ll discover joy, and we’ll discover despair. We’ll discover love, and we’ll discover stubbornness. We’ll discover humility, and we’ll discover arrogance. We’ll discover kindness, and we’ll discover hatred. In all that we discover, some we will choose to live in and some we will choose to move on from. Each choice will affect our journey. Choose wisely.

Our life experiences are like a remote control that God has placed in our hands. We may lose control of it, but faith restores it. So, what is controlling your remote? Is it your finances? Is it your insecurities? Is it politics or the media? Is it gossip? Or is it love? You get to flip the channel, and choose the channel you want.

If your current situation needs change, flip the channel. You can flip the channel as many times as is needed until you find the right harmony.

Mohandas K. Gandhi said, “Always aim at complete harmony of thought and word and deed. Always aim at purifying your thoughts, and everything will be well.”


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