Goodbye – Echosmith – A Song Review By Future Hit Songs Review


Echosmith brings a refreshing and contemporary feel to “Goodbye.” The songs starts with the harmonic sounds of the acoustic guitar accompanied by the beautiful soothing vocals of Sydney Sierota sounding like a reincarnation of the angelic Karen Carpenter. Then the chorus explodes into the kind of rhythm you will expect from the Chainsmokers or even a Calvin Harris style harmony with “Tell him I said, Goodbye.”

IMG_1851 (2)

This is a simple well written dance groove with a simple Verse, Chorus, Verse, Bridge, Chorus style. It works well. You can dance nonstop with this song on repeat and never have to say goodbye.


This is a worthy follow up to “Cool Kids,” and “Bright.” It is the kind of quality sound, we’ve come to expect from the young and talented Echosmith. Fans will not be disappointed by “Goodbye.” We can expect to see a steady climbed to the Top 10 as “Goodbye” heats up the airways.

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