The Big Sick – A Movie Review

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A One Night Stand takes an awkward turn when the couple broke their promise to not contact each other. “The Big Sick,” is based on the true romance story between Kumail Nanjiani who plays himself, and Emily (Zoe Kazan). Emily jokes that she never sleeps with the same guy twice in one night. Kumail is a Stand up Comic, and Emily is a Psychologist pursuing her Masters.

We get to witness the complications of a relationship when it spans cultures. Kumail comes from a Pakistani heritage, whose parents believes in arranged weddings. Emily on the other hand is White. Emily is open to Kumail meeting her parents, he on the other hand, is not open to having Emily meet his parents, because he runs the risk of being thrown out of the family. A reoccurring theme is that everyone seems to have difficulties telling the truth for not wanting to hurt each others feelings. We get a lot of bad Stand Up Comedy receiving praise from fellow comics as they all look for their big break.

Zenobia Shroff as Kumail’s mom Sharmeen has a warmth and charming screen presence. She repeatedly invites Pakistani women over to meet with Kumail, who constantly rejects them. Adeel Akhtar as Kumail’s brother Naveed insists that Kumail keeps the Muslim tradition of growing a beard, which Kumail refuses to do.

There are great performances from Ray Romano as Emily’s dad Terry. The stand out performance though comes from Holly Hunter as Beth. Holly plays the roll of Emily’s mom and her encounters with Kumail is funny at times when she is attacking him and when she is defending him.

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“The Big Sick” is a nice comedy. It’s a bit predictable, some of the humor can be viewed as insensitive. I wish there was more chemistry between Kumail and Emily. If you’ve seen the “Fault In Our Stars,” or “Coming to America,” you will notice some similarities in the theme. There is a funny scene of Kumail ordering a burger and four slices of cheese. The problem is that I’ve seen a similar scene in a movie before.

I give “The Big Sick 4 Stars Out Of 5.

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