Baby Driver – A Movie Review


There is something special about Ansel Elgort as Baby that drives “Baby Driver.” He is driven by music and it’s in every move he makes on screen. He moves with harmony that keeps him in tune with his thoughts and actions. He records voices and records music over them. It is a strange hobby and it induces laughter when his curious crime bosses get a chance to listen.

Kevin Spacey plays crime boss Doc. He sees Baby as a partner who owes him. Baby agrees to work for him as a get away driver until he is fully paid back. Baby completes what should be his last assignment, but Doc is not willing to let his expert driver off the hook so easily. Baby’s dream of driving off to the sunset with the girl of his dreams must be put on hold as he looks for a way out of the life Doc has created for him.

IMG_1756 (2)

Baby Driver has many gripping drive scenes that keeps you engaged and it gives a feeling that it is not all impossible. Given that there are still plug in phones in the scenes could mean that it was dealing with a time period when technology wasn’t as advanced, but then there are iPods. Are you kidding me?

IMG_1757 (2)

There are a lot of good things about Baby Driver, but logic is not one. The supporting casts are good. They are the kind of killers who shoots first and ask questions after. This works for me. I like bold action. Jamie Fox as Bats, Elza Gonzalez as Darling, John Hamm as Buddy all deliver the goods. This in some way reminds me of scenes from “Pulp Fiction.” The soundtrack is good. You will have a new sense of appreciation for songs like “Tequilia.”

IMG_1758 (2)

There is good chemistry between Baby and his love interest Debora played by Lily James.

Heart warming is the relationship between Baby and his foster parent played by CL Jones.

Baby is torn between love, compassion,  and loyalty and one of them will lose. The question is which one. You’ll have to see Baby Driver to find out.

Baby Driver is a good way to spend just under 2 hours at he movies. It could have been reduced to 90 minutes, but the director went to lengths to create an ending to a movie that looked like it had no way out. Could there be a “Toddler Driver” next?

I give Baby Driver 4 Stars out of 5. It’s worth the ride.


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