“Weak” by AJR, a $1000 Song Review by Future Hit Songs Review

Written by

Ricardo Williams

Author of “Unchained Mind.”

contact ricardowilliams@hotmail.com

Weak is a beautiful dramatic song that many of us can identify with. With intermittent vocals followed by a heavy accompanying rhythm, you will be falling to your knees to this melody.

IMG_1740 (2)

AJR is a New York Indie Pop Band made up of three brothers. They started off performing in Washington Square Park, New York. They did their songs in their living room. They introduced their songs on YouTube and amassed an audience. We all can identify with a situation where we should have said “No thank you,” but we were weak and we lived with the guilt, but in this case AJR is embracing being weak and is totally enjoying it. And what’s wrong with that? This is a clever song with a great arrangement. It almost sounds like pop meets reggae. There is nothing like “Weak” on the airways and its unique style is what makes it so appealing. As I look at the group AJR, the group Magic who had the smash hit “Rude,” comes to mind. I think “Weak” has the potential to be just as big.

IMG_1741 (2)

They incorporated great samples into the melody of Weak, the kind you will hear from professional deejays. With harmonies like “Ooh aye ey aye ey at. Ooh aye ey aye ay” we can feel the frustrations of being weak, but it feels so good that we have to look past the weakness and embrace it. Look for “Weak” to make some hefty leaps on the Billboard Charts. I am banking on Weak to reach the top 10. And again, “what’s wrong with that?”


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