Patrick’s Local Home Style Cooking A Restaurant Like No Other

Grenada is known for its famous Grand Anse Beach, Annadale waterfall, and Grand Etang Lake, but it’s also known for great food, and one restaurant that’s serving up delicious delicacies every day is Patrick’s Home Style Cooking. Located at Lagoon Rd, St. George’s, Grenada it is a must .


Owner Karen Williams is a natural-born cook, who knew from an early age that cooking was her true passion. As her brother, I always knew she will be a great cook. I remember when she mastered the art of making Roti. I remember the first time I sunk my teeth into her homemade Roti. The taste of spice and curried intermingled in curried Irish potatoes and curried chicken sent me in a spiral spin of living in a dreamy heaven.

Karen wasn’t always a chef. She like many others had chosen a career that spelt security. She became a nurse and hated every moment of it. She was living in New York, and on occasions she would cook and host parties. When she decided that the American way of life wasn’t for her, she listened to the voice within and returned to Grenada.

Recently, I asked Karen, how she got to own her restaurant?

She said, “One night,  I felt depressed. I went for a walk and ended up at Patrick Local Home Style Restaurant. I was speaking to a friend, who worked in the kitchen.  The owner, Patrick David saw me in the kitchen and asked me to cook something instead of just standing around. I worked that night, he paid me, and asked me to come work for him.  As we worked, our friendhip grew. We always looked out foreach other. We knocked heads a few times, but the love and respect was always there. Unfortunately, Patrick got ill and passed away in 2010. He left the restarant and all his possessions to me.



Karen told me the story of a famous Caribbean musician, who disguised himself and came into her restaurant for dinner. He enjoyed his dinner so much that in the end, he removed his disguise and asked to meet with the owner. He told her that it was an honor to meet her. He commended the hospitality of the staff, and said that he had never enjoyed such great Caribbean food, and that he had no choice but to remove his mask. He was back the next day for more.



Mornings are filled with true Caribbean style breakfast featuring Fried Bakes, and Salt Fish with Fried Plantains.




In addition to its wide range of delicacies, there are numerous refreshing smoothies to go with the menu. Still looking for a reason to visit Patrick’s Local Home Style Restaurant? Try out the delicious homemade Coffee Ice Cream.


Call Patrick’s Local Home Style Restaurant at  +1 473-440-0364 or visit them on Facebook at

It ‘s the best way to digest piece of the Spice Island after soaking up the beaches, lakes, rivers, and natural vegetation.


Written by  Ricardo Williams

Author of “Unchained Mind: Powerful Life Changing Thoughts On Peace, Love, And Success.



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