A Taste Of Liberia Comes To San Leandro, CA

How do you bring Liberia to the Historic Pelton Plaza in San Leandro? The answer is Kendejah Restaurant. Located at 197 Pelham Center Way, San Leandro, CA, this Liberian Restaurant serves up delicious, authentic cuisine with a big smile. Just ask the owner Dougie, who is always around for a pleasant conversation and warm hospitality.

Dougie learnt the restaurant business from his dad, and continued the tradition. He may have left Liberia when he was a child, but his heart is close to the place he calls home. A stream of Nigerian rhythms flow from the television in the dining area keeping the Liberian atmosphere.


To start me off with my dining, I asked for my favorite drink, a must-have Ginger Beer. As the cool sparkling taste of ginger gurgled down my throat, I waited in anticipation for my food. I decided on the Oxtail with Rice.


The oxtail was tender and succulent. The accompanying gravy tasted heavenly. The rice was grainy, soft and complimented the sauce and meat perfectly. With every bite of this enticing meal, I wanted more and more. And there was more than enough. Dougie offered me some of his special spice to go with the Oxtail, but for me, it was perfect just the way it was.



There are enough options on the menu to satisfy your curiosity. From appetizers like Fried Chicken Wings, and Roasted organic Beef Kabob to the specials like Fufu and Goat Soup or Atteike and Chicken or Fish served with fried plantains. Topping off their menu is the Jollof Rice, a crowd favorite.

On your next visit to beautiful San Leandro, be sure to make Kendejah Restaurant your first stop. Here are some things I can guarantee you.

You won’t be disappointed.

You will return.

You will fall in love with Nigerian music.

And you will receive some Dougie hospitality love.

Kendejah Restaurant is the place to be for authentic, tasty, Liberian cuisine.


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