Review of “Sign Of The Times,” By Harry Styles – What A Remarkably Beautiful Ballad.

Harry Styles new single “Sign of the Times,” could have been easily called, “Sign of the Styles.” With a stellar arrangement and multi-layered development, this song takes us on a journey through music wrapped up in a mini concert. The introducing of a simple piano harmony at the start prepares us for a journey into an emotion of many turmoils. The piano is gently followed by the sounds of the guitar which kind of lags a little behind almost as if to compel us to move along forcefully. Then his dynamic vocals rings through and then everything we anticipate in this beautiful song unfolds dramatically.


So where does such a great song come from? What is he singing about? In a recent Rolling Stones Magazine interview, Harry Styles revealed, he is singing about child-birth. The song is about a woman giving birth to a child and she finds out she has 5 minutes to live. By the time Harry belts his lyrics, “We don’t talk enough, we should open up, before it’s all too much. We will never learn, we’ve been here before,” you will feel the crawls of your hairline moving through your skin taking you to an amazing emotional climax and letting you down slowly. It would have been amazing to hear the guitar screaming at us by this time, but instead Harry figured we’ve had enough. And we truly did.


If you are looking for more of “Sign Of The Times,” check out Harry Styles music video where he imagines himself lifted into the air by a strong breeze that carries him into the clouds, across the rain forests, then he runs on water, and settles on a mountain peak, and then flies again. While all this is happening Harry belts out, “We got to get away, we got to get away, we got to get away.” Anyone who longs for freedom will know exactly what he is singing about.

“Sign of the Time,” is probably the biggest hit of 2017 so far, as it returns to an upward journey to the Billboard 100 Chart after debuting at No. 4. “Sign Of The Times,” brings back memories of a style similar to George Michael, and David Bowie, and even Elton John, but it was Prince who last had a hit with a single “Sign Of The Times when he peaked at No 3. in April 1987 on the Billboard Top 100. Can Harry Styles peak at No. 1? I think he can. We’ll just have to wait for the sign.

Written by Ricardo Williams

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