Brand It Black

Brand It Black
It’s not good but it is necessary. Think about it. You’re in a supermarket. It is laden with healthy stuff, but there are some areas that are laden with the not so good stuff like the candy aisles, the alcohol aisle, the cigarette aisle. I’ll stop here because I think you got the drift. These not so good stuff make up a multi-billion dollar industry, and it is not controlled by Black America. We were involved in the marijuana industry, but what we got for it? Long jail terms and many lives ruined. But wait? Marijuana is now big business, and it’s not controlled by Blacks. We lost out again. So how can we win?

We can win with Rap.
Rap is Black and the use of the N word in Rap ensures that it will remain solely Black. Just ask Kendrick Lamar, J Cole, or Big Sean.

One of the ways Rap has held its brand as Black is the use of the N word.
Yes, there have been successful White Rap artists like Eminem, and Eminem. I can’t think of another off the top of my head, but even Eminem couldn’t use the N word without coming on heavy attack from the Black community.

I’ve been following the Billboard music charts and there are a few potential great White Rap artists like G Easy and another guy who is also an actor. I can’t remember his name, but for the purpose of this article, I’ve researched it. His name is Machine Gun Kelly. These Rappers rap about sex and other edgy stuff that the younger generation gravitates to, but the magic word that they can’t use, or they can, but it will only lead to them being ostracized.
The use of the N word sets Black Rap artists miles apart from their White counterparts. And the media hates it, but the Rappers are loving it. It is their protection against a possible White invasion that can come in and take over an industry dominated by Blacks.
And if you are a visionary like Chance The Rapper, you will observe that the N word is barging its way into Gospel music.


Pretty soon there will be a genre in music charts called Rap Gospel where the N word will be viewed as the Messiah. Why do I say that? Here is why. Jesus died for our sins – An innocent man, crucified and buried. We were called the N word, spat on. hung on trees, and burned. We have now taken that N word and made an untouchable economy out of it – An economy that benefits Blacks. We have turned it into a Messiah. The N word, hated and scorned is turning into a Messiah in Black economics, and when it happens, a younger generation of Blacks will walk with their heads high with bounce in their strides confessing the struggles of life and giving God the praise and glory while belting out the N word as they strive to Brand it Black.

Rap being branded is nothing new. Rappers like Jay Z, Kanye West, P Diddy, and Lil Wayne have been branding rap in clothing, alcohol, and sports to name a few.


Look around there are many not so good things that the Black community can Brand Black. Why? Because they can make billions from it. How? By branding it with the N word. Imagine a vodka called the N Vodka? How about N Cigars? The N word can seal the deal and create a mass expansion in Black branding. All that will be needed is to make sure that the quality backs up the product, and if it does then everything can be Branded Black with the N word.

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