The Greater Possibilities – Thom Rutledge – A Book Review By Ricardo Williams

The Great Possibilities is a timely Self-Help book explained in simple and direct terms by an expert writer in Thom Rutledge. As we read this great book, one can feel the sense that Thom is teaching us lessons from personal experiences. As a psychotherapist, he has the professional knowledge to teach us self-development, but he also has the personal experience of having overcome depression, addiction, and self-criticism.

There are many takeaways after reading Greater Possibilities. We learn the importance of accepting full responsibility. He teaches us how to get out of the victimhood state of mind. We learn how to obtain peace by silencing the voices within that sometimes act like bullies to our mental state of mind. Other important topics covered are fear, anger, and the need to focus.


The Greater Possibilities is a quick read, an one that we can read repeatedly, so that we may fully grasp the concepts. As a fellow author in the field of Self- Help, I definitely recommend “The Greater Possibilities,” not only for a good read, but also for a classroom settings where lengthy discussions on the areas cover in the book can lead to proper self-development.


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