The Damage Is Already Done – A Conversation

I was asked, “What is the most pressing take away, I will want people to grasp after reading my latest book “Unchained Mind?”

the writer

This to me is a very important question. It is a question, I’ve given a lot of thought. We live in a violent world. We may assume that violent acts are done by violent people, or by bad people? I found that not to be the case. Anyone can snap and commit an act of violence at any given moment in time. That is, anyone who haven’t been attending to their emotional needs for any length of time. The truth is, the damage has already been done. Most of the damage was done as early as our childhood. Some were done as early as our parents’ childhoods. Some were done from generation to generations. We are here to do the repairs. The focus of “Unchained Mind,” is to teach us how to go about the repairs.


The book is available at AuthorHouse and Amazon in paperback and eBook. See link below.

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