Addictive Song of the Week: “Something Just Like This,” Coldplay ft. Chainsmokers

There is a signature sound to the Chainsmokers, and when you combine it with the deep raspy voice of  Chris Martin of Coldplay, you get the most irresistible song on the charts. Watching Chris Martin jumping around like a Superhero, one gets the feeling that he is deeply and spiritually connected to what he is doing.


And what about those Chainsmokers?  Can we ever get enough of this duo? They have dominated the top ten of the Billboard Charts for one full year. How amazing is that? The Chainsmokers drives the hits with such measured control and explosive rhythm that it turns everyone into Superheroes. If we were like atoms in a bottle, the sound of “Something Just Like This,” will have us bumping into each other into atomic, nuclear explosives.

chris martin

“Something Just Like This” is the most explosive song of the week.

Ricardo Williams

Author of “Unchained Mind, Powerful Life Changing Thoughts On Peace, Love, And Success.

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