Just Jack – The Story of a Visionary and an Entrepreneur

Jack has a philosophy and it goes like this. “Before you complain about a problem, look for the opportunity it presents to you, for life greatest opportunities are gifted as great challenges.”



Today I want to Lift Up Jack Standokes. He is one of the greatest visionaries of our times. His one act changed the way Black Businesses operate and carved a new path for success. The rise of Jack Standokes is phenomenon too good to be true. If there is one name, you will hear throughout the 21st Century, it will be Jack Standokes. He is a living testimony of how ordinary people can do extra-ordinary things. History will ask the question, “How did a delivery driver for Coca Cola become the prominent face of Black Owned Businesses?”


One day, Jack found himself fed up with the way Black people were treated in the media. Instead of marching the streets to protest with signs. He decided to make an impact from an economic standpoint. He knew that there were many Black owned businesses, but he also knew that they were not supported by their own due to being hard to find. He felt that Black businesses were operating in obscurity, so he did something unusual. He started the Black Owned Business Portal (BlackOBP) on Facebook to promote Black Owned Businesses. The effect was as spontaneous as Jack planting some magic beans and the group sprung up like a beanstalk instantaneously. Overnight Jack became a superstar. At the time of writing, his main group has over 260,000 members in as little as 9 months.



Success wasn’t an easy road for him. Many tried to steal his idea. Many tried to push him out of the spotlight. It became very difficult to trust others. Even the people who he was trying to help became a difficult challenge. He had to dedicate long hours managing the group. He even created multiple groups to bring things under control. When I met Jack in person, it was easy to see why he was successful at what he did. This soft-spoken leader is totally focused on helping others even at the expense of himself. He has brought a whole generation of businesses into the spotlight. He has boosted e-commerce for Black businesses in ways that had seemed impossible.


When he recommended Top 5 BBQ, a local barbecue joint in Desoto to me, it automatically became a favorite pastime of mines. Jack’s simple philosophy is that if you see a problem, take ownership, and fix it. No need to constantly complain, just get down to work and fix it. I am positive that Jack’s successful model will soon have global significance as he charters the deep waters and lead the way to the new way of doing business. When the world needed a hero, Jack showed up.


Written by Ricardo Williams (Author of “Unchained Mind, Powerful Life Changing Thoughts On Peace, Love, And Success).

Contact ricardowilliams@hotmail.com


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