Future Hit Songs Review “The Night We Met,” By Lord Huron

“The Night We Met,” starts off like a cool walk in the park at night. The vocals are perfect for this type of song. It is a kind of uplifting, but sad, captivating chant that grabs our attention and pulls us into the harmony of the song. The music picks up by the second verse and then it takes us on a high-rise and lets us down slowly to the sound of the smooth flowing waters of a silent lake.

According to Wikipedia, Lord Huron is an American Indie group based in Los Angeles. Band found Ben Schneider, named the band after Lake Huron for sentimental reasons. It was the lake he grew up visiting where he would play music around the camp fires.

lord huron

From recorded interviews, Ben talks about how he recorded the first albums on his own. He started getting some press and people were asking for shows. He called some friends, he grew up with and formed the band.

There is a dark honest feel to The Night We Met.” It feels like he is reliving every lyric. The narrative of the song is told effectively in 3 minutes, and it grabs us and pulls us into its world. “The Night We Met,” can expect the kind of success that songs like “Take Me To Church” by Hosier and “Unsteady” by X Ambassadors experienced. Look for a steady climb on the charts into the Top 10 for this beautiful song.


Ben says that visual music is important to the band and we get a concrete visual experience as we listen to “The Night We Met.”

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