Conversations From the Author

Author’s Corner:
1. In a way, we’re all writing our own stories. Every day, every moment gives a chance to add a new dimension to our story. The bigger the chances we take, the greater will be the content of our story.
2. I recently enrolled into a Masters Program for Psychology. I always wanted to do this, but had put it off because many have tried to discourage me for good reasons. But I followed my mind. I followed the message that repeats in my mind telling me that I must do this.
3. In a way that’s what I spend most of my time doing. I study the workings of my mind. I study what brings me peace, joy, love, and success. I share many of my findings.
4. Writing comes easy for me. But there is a secret to my writing. I write best in the mornings. I write best when I’m in the shower. Between wiping water off my face and and trying to get a clear view through my misty glasses, I write my thoughts.
5. I try to write only when I’m inspired. When I’m inspired the words come out a certain way. It is like an art. I know the difference between my inspirational writing and forced writing.
6. My lifelong goal is to achieve a Doctorate in Psychology and to help as many people as possible to live their best lives free from emotional turmoils.

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