Orabis Grill Bar Restaurant Review – Cedar Hill, TX Finest

There is something to be excited about if you live in the Cedar Hill area of town and that is the Orabis Grill Bar. Located just off Beltline Rd and Joe Wilson Road next to the Neighborhood Walmart, this Mediterranean Restaurant serves up a mouth-watering delicious menu of Gyros like you’ve never had them before.

It’s easy to access and it’s spacious parking lot makes this a hassle-free stop.

The interior of the restaurant is clean and spacious.

We started out our meal with an order of calamari. It was crunchy and nicely flavored. We delved into it and then the thought came that we should probably take a picture before it disappears.

Want to try something interesting? Try dipping some of this steamed vegetables on display into the bowl of hummus. It only adds to the magic of the experience.

If there is one reason to visit the Mediterranean restaurant it’s because of the prospect of sinking into a delicious Gyro and Orabis has turned this tasty favorite into a work of art. Each bite induces us to lose ourselves into a journey by sea across the Mediterranean. You’ll be thinking to yourself that you wouldn’t mind eating this every day.

What’s just as equally important as fine dining? The staff of course? Chef Sana originally from Israel is a joy to be around. She has such great memory that she remembered us from our previous dining. She gives us lot’s of compliments and her hospitality makes dining a homely experience.

Still reading this? If you are, it is a good time to jump in your car and head on down to the Orabis Grill Bar and enjoy some 5 Star dining. Orabis Grill Bar is the place to be for a dining experience of a lifetime.

Just For Fun! – Breaking Trends On Facebook

There is a new hot and striving group on Facebook called Just For Fun!. It touches many topics on relationships and it gets edgy at times. In its early stage of development, it’s already approaching active 1500 members predominantly from the Dallas area. This makes “Just For Fun!” a walking Facebook meets YELP. It is the kind of group that excites all forms of business entities.

It’s founder Tracy Record is a natural who spurns conversation just by posting a topic that people identifies with. It was while monitoring her posts, I recognized that she will be the ideal candidate to host an Online Group about relationships. She jumped to the idea and “Just For Fun!” was born.

Tracy not only posts interesting topics, but she also organizes Meetup events where members greet each other and engage in fun times.

Her most recent event at the Miller Tavern in Arlington saw 35 members show up to eat chicken wings and drink cocktails while posing for a few photos. It was easy for an introvert like myself to feel appreciated and wanted and I left with a fulfilled feeling and a permanent smile on my face.

With such a huge gathering of fun loving people located within the DFW area, “Just For Fun!” is a launching pad for all events and occasions. They are even thinking of a cruise.

What works well for “Just For Fun!” is a committed Admin that are regularly brainstorming strategies to make the group interesting. The members have varying strengths and when they come together, they create cohesive ideas that enhance the group.

Could “Just For Fun!” be a trendsetter in the dating industry? Social media is here to stay and now is the perfect time for Facebook Groups to embrace innovation and propel it into the future. “Just For Fun!” is like a mobile Facebook meeting a mobile YELP and it is all done under the umbrella of fun and good times in a group that treat members like family and is a feasting ground for business entities as they seek new ways to target their potential markets.

Just For Fun! is free and can be accessed by clicking the link below.


The 10-Second Stress Rule

Many of the wounds that carry deep hurt within us were done to us by others, but if we focus on those that have hurt us and not on the wound, we will always be wounded and we will do the things wounded people do. That is, wounded people hurt others. Think of it this way, what if you stepped on a nail? For a few moments, you may be angry with the nail. but after a couple of days, you will focus your attention on the hurt and not on the nail.

Growing up in the rural areas of Grenada, my grandparents use to wake us up at 5:30 AM to go weed the garden so that the crops could grow in abundance. We were not going to focus on the wind that brought the weeds. Our focus was on the weeds themselves. Has someone hurt you in the past? If so, treat them like the wind and change your focus to remove the weeds of hurt that is preventing you from flourishing into a beautiful abundant garden. Try the 10-Second Stress Rule to remove deeply embedded emotional hurt. The first step is to breathe in mentally pushing your breath to the count of 10. The second step is to breathe out mentally pushing your breath to the count of 10. Repeat the process until you’ve completed 10 reps. The emotional weeds within you should disappear or be minimized after the 10th rep. Repeat the process at least three times a week.

The focus of hurt should never be on the person that causes you to hurt. The focus should be on the hurt within you and removing it using the 10-Second Stress Rule. Remember hurt people hurt people. Take the time to free yourself from the weeds that bind your growth.

A Comedy Show Like No Other

Recently I got the chance to chat with Carl Jones about his upcoming Valentine’s Day Comedy Show at the AA Event Center in Dallas TX. I wanted to know about Mr. Roger That, a spontaneously funny comedian who can crack up an audience just be sitting in his car during a LIVE feed and yawning. He is a Comedian that has a thorough understanding of how women think. It is not surprising that women make up about 90% of his followers. The idea of having the rug pulled from under leaves them laughing and wanting to hear more. For men in the audience, nothing benefits them more than getting a clear understanding of the devious ways women think and analyze things as exposed by Mr. Roger That.

Ricardo Williams: Carl, what can people expect from Mr. Roger That Comedy Show?

Carl Jones: Mr. Roger That is very raw & funny. He has been entertaining audiences for the past 3 years starting out making videos initially on Facebook. Now Mr. Roger That has built a following up of over 400,000 on social media. When people come out to see Mr. Roger That Live they get comedy at it’s best with an interactive show.

Ricardo Williams: I have to say in watching and listening to Mr. Roger That, he seems to connect perfectly with the mind of women. He connects with their deepest thoughts. The kind of thoughts women think, but won’t tell it to their man, but reveal it through their actions.

Carl Jones: Exactly right. He offers tips to women on how to keep your man satisfied and he is transparent regarding many issues of the day.

Ricardo Williams: What can we expect from Mr. Roger That in the future?

Carl Jones: We are putting together a compilation DVD this year showcasing his work and you can expect a lot of his new products such as Gloss line, shirts, and other clothing.

Ricardo Williams: How did the name Mr. Roger That come about?

Carl Jones: “Now you Roger That” is the punch line he uses after every joke and somehow, it caught on and the audience loves shouting it back at him. He is also known as the Queen of Shade.

Ricardo Williams: I have a feeling that Valentine’s Day is going to be really special because of this show.

Carl Jones: It sure will. We have a wide range of talented comedians. The admission is $20 in advance and $35 at the door. We offer a VIP ticket at $40 where you get to meet and converse with the comedians. The show will be held at the AA Event Center at 11601 Plano Road #120, Dallas TX 75243. Doors open at 7 PM and Showtime begins at 8 PM. Spread the word around. It is going to be a blast.

An Excerpt From My Book Unchained Mind – The Power Of Human Kindness

We can be thankful for every gift God has given us. Though it may not seem like a lot, it will multiply when we release it into the universe.

When our gift is in harmony with our kindness, it may change one person’s life for the better. There is no greater power in this world than the power of human kindness. There is no greater destructive power in this world than the power of human unkindness.

human-kindness-11 (1)

Human kindness builds our heavenly experience, while human unkindness builds our hellish experience. We get to affect each person’s existence through our actions. So choose wisely. The universe is watching. The universe is responding. You owe it to yourself to make this journey through life a good experience not only for you but for others.


The Occupants

After every night’s sleep, as we open our eyes, as we take our first conscious breath, the occupants are waiting on the outside to take up residence within us. We feel the pain and discomfort as thoughts come rushing in. We feel the weight and burden of the baggage the occupants deposit. The weight of failure. The weight of not good enough. The weight of an uncertain future and uncertain finances. As it weighs us down the reality of its discomfort take a toll on our mental state.


The occupants won’t pay a rent or mortgage. It won’t bring peace of mind. It wreaks havoc on everything in its path. It wears us down and burns us out. It captures, evicts and subjects us to a feeling of pain without pleasure. It torments our soul. It renders us powerless. But we’re not. We can take back the power. Follow these steps.

Be aware. Being aware allows to acknowledge and identify the occupants that are causing us emotional discomfort.


Be silent. Silence allows us to confront and shed the baggage of destructive thoughts. Silence here doesn’t only mean being away from noise or keeping our mouths shut, it, however, focuses on the silence of thoughts. To do so, we focus only on our breathing.

Breathe Deeply. Breathing deeply allows us to flush out the occupants on the inside and replace it with our natural breath of life. Our conscious breathing allows our mind to create healthy thoughts of a love of self and peace within filled with kindness and compassion towards ourselves and others.


Stretch and groan. Stretching allows us to embrace our borders and in the process of us expanding ourselves and embracing our outer reach, our spontaneous groaning expells any negative energy from within us. Stretching our arms and holding the position until we feel totally at peace with ourselves is the final phase of removing and replacing the destructive occupants that show up in our first wake with the occupants we desire.


Now that we’ve achieved our desired occupants, we are tasked with nurturing and serving them. Nurture each breath with love, peace, optimistic prayers, and silence. Do intermittent stretches. Do these things and you will have a greater control of your emotions than if you did nothing at all.

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A Brother Like No Other

I had mix feelings about having a big brother, one that thought me to play cricket as a right-hander even though I was left-handed. As early as I could remember, we were opposite in many ways. I wanted his dark curly hair and he wanted by my rough wooly hair. He wanted an Afro and I just wanted to slick my hair down and put a path in it.


He introduced me to bodybuilding. We used to go to the old gym in Tanteen and lift all types of heavy iron and metal. In those days, there were no thread mills or electronic machine for workouts. It was pure iron for muscles. I wore a shirt size smaller to enhance my skinny body. Wayne, on the other hand, had muscles.


Wayne got in trouble one time as far as I could remember. He pulled a prank on me. We used to walk down Green Street to empty our thrash in the dumpster and that day it had rained heavily. On our way home, Wayne pointed at an object under a tree and asked me to go fetch it and when I stood under the tree, he shook the branches and soaked me. He went off laughing while I was screaming my head off. Mom spanked him and he was upset. I remember him quoting a Jimmy Cliff song title when he told Mom, “Time will tell.” I took it to mean that he would see better days, and he did.


Wayne had a passion for photography and meteorology, but it was his love for theater that brought the crowds to his stage performances. I sat proudly in the audience trying to make sense of each play and loved them all.


We had different taste in women. Wayne liked dark-skinned women, and I light-skinned women. It was evident in the way we were attached to our favorite aunts. He was close to Auntie Alice and I was close to Auntie Clara (Lord Rest her Soul in Peace). He married the perfect woman and so did I.


My brother, for all the times you stood by me when I was wrong., and for all the fights you fought to protect me, and finally, for the great memories of our lives together, may God continue to guide you and bless you on this day and for years to come. Happy birthday to you.