Five Easy Exercises for Stress Relief

Whether we are aware of it or not, we wake up each morning to some level of stress that causes us discomfort. However, we don’t have to go through our day with the burden of carrying stress. Here are five simple routine exercises you can do that will combat stress and send you on a path in life, where you can breathe easier and feel a whole lot better.

Stretch: There is no better time to wake up in the morning and step outside into the freshness of the Spring air and start your day with some stretches. You can actually feel the stressed parts of your body unravelling as you breathe deeply and stretch.

Push : Push is an easy alternative to push ups. You can push against a steady wall or against your car. You can literally feel that exertion of energy revitalizing areas of your chest and there is nothing tedious about the process.

Crossfit sled push man pushing weights workout

Sway: The simple process of lifting your hands above your head bringing them together and then gently swaying from side to side exposes the stressed areas of the body and breaks up the tension within.

Horizontal arms: When we stretch our hands horizontal, we are loosening up the tension in our lower back. When we breathe in the process of doing so, we are disseminating stress.

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Heads High: When we lift our heads to the skies, we are loosening the grip of our stressful thoughts and clearing our mind to really absorb the present moment.

There you have it. Five easy tips to start a stress-free day and it can be done within 30 minutes.

Retaking Your Heaven

Stop for a moment. Acknowledge where you are. Take a deep breath, then imagine right here, right now in this space, you are in Heaven. Imagine it to be everything you were told about this magical land of “milk and honey,” with rolling green pastures, mild radiating sunshine, cool brisk breeze. Smile as you take in the experience. Release the burden of your emotions as you no longer require them. Then ask yourself, “Do I need to die and go to such a place to experience it, if I can lay hear in my space and experience it mentally?”

The only thing hindering our heavenly experience is the things we allow to disturb our peace of mind. We have the power and authority o determine what we allow to disturb our mental peace and what course of action we take to regain it. If your space was a country, you will be the government that makes decisions to govern your peace. So who have you given that power to? Well, its time to return that power to you. It’s time to stop blaming others for what is lost. It’s time to rise up as the governance of your peace and make decisions that enhances your experience of peace while weeding out the elements that destroy it.

Stay in your lane, guard your peace turning every moment into a glimpse of your heavenly experience.

My Everything Song Review – Artist J. Howell

J Howell brings us his follow up to the power R&B ballad “Talk,” with another sultry performance of “My Everything.” Bringing back the memories of “When Will I See You Again” by legendary Babyface, J Howell keeps it simple on “My Everything” focusing instead on his raw powerful vocal performance. With a very unique arrangement that is effective in bringing across the raw emotions of the song, all that’s left is for J. Howell to croon his vocals in all the right places of our hearts. There isn’t a distinctive chorus that is memorable in “My Everything” and that’s one of the things that make it special as it doesn’t need it. What is working beautifully is the flow of the song and absorbing the ranges in the vocals. Coming from a place of deep peace and devotion, “My Everything” should make its debut on the Adult R&B Charts. We’ll be keeping this potential hit on replay and falling in love with it over and over again.

J Howell is a superstar on the rise. With every new hit song, we find ourselves silently trying to figure out, “Who is J. Howell, this mystery artist with the Grammy winning potential magical voice?” I don’t think we’ll have to wait much longer to find out as the hits keep on coming. If you’re looking for J. Howell’s music, you can find his latest fantastic production in the album “RedRoom.”

RedRoom [Explicit] by J.Howell on Amazon Music -

The Power of Mindset

The greatest obstacle to achieving success is our mindset.

When we envision our goal, the most important thing we can do is align our mindset with our vision. From then on, screen out any negative voices that are not aligned with our vision. Once we’ve whole-heartedly believe it, it will find a way to manifest itself.

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Be careful with what you believe. It doesn’t matter how deep the pit you’ve dug yourself into, a simple change in your mindset will start the turnaround process. It entails consistency. You can’t tell yourself you are great today, while tomorrow you are saying that you are dumb.

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Just for today, create the mindset that you want from life. Believe it, embrace it, and stand in your greatness. Surround yourself with people who see you as great as your vision. Success will come.

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Written by Ricardo Williams

Author of “Unchained Mind.” Now available on Amazon.

Ten Things I Hate About Messenger (For Humor Only)

  • I hate when people send a video without explaining the content. Is it a virus? Is it a bomb? What am I looking for? Some of the thoughts going around my head. It turns out that it is a lame video that they are excited about. Are they that busy that they could send a video but couldn’t find the time to explain its contents? Who are these people?
  • I hate that Messenger has no sense of time and comes with a loud ping whenever it announces a message. 4 in the morning, the time when sleep is at its finest hour, Messenger announces the arrival of a message with a loud PING. Is it a family emergency? Did someone get killed? Oh no, its an inspirational piece from a daring friend or relative telling you that God loves you and not only that, He is THINKING OF YOU.
  • I hate that Messenger puts you on someone’s instant post and everything thing that person does come up on your message. Now I’m forced to sit there and watch everything a person does for the rest of their lives. What a slow and painful way to die.

I hate when my friends send me a message to say look out for viruses and don’t open any messages from Messenger. Well, guess what, I JUST DID. What’s wrong with these people?

I hate messages that start with Hi. Some of the biggest schemers found out that its the best way to scheme someone and they use it all the time.

I hate people who somehow believe that in this complicated world of dating that they can find their true love on Messenger and no only that, they convinced themselves that I am their true love. Well, guess what, YOU ARE WACKO. You are the reason relationships fail.

I hate people who tell you sad stories on Messenger. What am I supposed to do with your sad story? Sit there and grieve while you ride off in the sunset without the deposited excrement that you dump on me?

I hate fundraisers that start on Messengers. It’s like I’m cornered. There is no way out of it other than to say “HELL NO,” only to find yourself alienated by people who cared about you.

I hate people who dump their Sunday Service on my Messenger. Let me put it this way nicely, it wasn’t by accident that I didn’t show up at your church. Trust me, if it was that important I would have been there. I don’t normally miss funerals. STOP IT.

And the 10th reason I hate Messenger is because of people who sends me a Messenger and tells me I should get out of Messenger because they are selling my information. Guess what, one year later, they are still on Messenger sending out other alarming messages. WHAT’S WRONG WITH YOU PEOPLE?

NB. If you are easily offended, you shouldn’t be reading this. Oops. It’s too late. My bad.

Take a Deep Breath, Stress is a Normal Entity of Life – How To Turn Stress Into Fun Activities.

Stress is normal. Just like hunger or being thirsty, it is normal to be stressed at times. When we feel hunger coming on, we eat. We make an event out of eating. We gather the family together, say a prayer and dive into the meal. During the meal, we have good conversations and laughter. Then we are satisfied, we either order a take-out box or we clean up after ourselves. Not everyone is fortunate to have this experience as some truly have to live with their hunger wondering where the next meal will come from? They don’t have the financial security to ensure that something as normal as eating a meal is guaranteed. 

Overworked african businessman sitting at his desk.

When we feel thirsty, we grab a drink, preferably water. It is in those moments of quenching our thirst that water feels heavenly. Not everyone is fortunate to have readily access to water. For those people, survival becomes a daily challenge. But have you ever tried drinking water when you are not thirsty? Have you ever tried eating your favorite meal when you are not hungry? I can tell you, it is not the best thing to experience. It feels torturous.

I’ve used hunger and thirst in this article as illustrations for the basics of life, but what does it have to do with stress? Like hunger, and thirst, stress is brought on by lack or a diminish in the flow of oxygen. Just as when we are hungry, we eat, when we are stressed, we should breathe. I am not talking about going about our normal business of unconscious breathing, I am talking about making an event out of breathing. Picture yourself lying on a hospital bed hooked up to an oxygen chamber with induced breathing. It is not that dramatic, but it drives the idea that our focus should be totally on our breathing to restore our body to a diminished stress level. Awareness is the key to take action on stress and stress is not shy about revealing itself. We literally can feel emotional pain when we breathe. 

Just as we make time to eat and drink, we should make time to breathe. In the song “Rat Race,” Bob Marley sings, “In the abundance of water, a fool is thirsty.” If we were to replace those lyrics to reference breathing, it will read, “In the abundance of oxygen, a fool is stressed out.”

Stress is normal. It is a way of the body communicating the affect of our thoughts and actions. If we are working too much, stress builds up. If we are having too much of a fun activity, stress builds up. Stress reminds us of the need for balance. When stress comes on, we need to take a break from what we are doing and focus on our breathing. We can do fun stuff with our breathing. We can hold our breath and feel it soothing our emotions and then let it out. We can repeat the process until we feel our stress level reduced. We can stretch in the process or we can exercise. Whatever, means we use to tackle stress, we can make it enjoyable and meaningful. We can repeat the process as long as is necessary to bring it under control. 

Many of us were brought up to feel guilty about our stress. I will tell you that there is no need for guilt as stress is a normal indicator for the present quality of our life experience. Make time to attend to your stress and make it enjoyable in the process, because stress is normal.

Like what you read? Pick up a copy of Unchained Mind from Amazon or Authorhouse.

Talk – J. Howell ft. Kyle Hippy Song Review

Justin Howell who goes by the name J. Howell is the most refreshing sound coming out of Memphis Tennessee. He is the modern contemporary R&B singer/ songwriter blending his spiritual roots with R&B giving us the feel of an upgrade on 90s greats of R&B.

On “Talk” J. Howell takes us on a journey of a strained relationship. The song’s intro is unique giving us the feeling of ancestorial love rising from the depths of the underground. Then we are introduced to the simple infusion of R&B beats and the crooning voice of J. Howell as he hovers over every word making the sound of love feel like the erasing of hidden scars. And how about Rapper Kyle Hippy with a bridge that transforms the song just when you think it can’t take our emotions any further. Kyle gives us a look into his view of the woman in the relationship living above her means breaking it down in vintage Hip Hop lyrics like “She’s a bad b”tch, she just might sell your life.” And the blend of J.Howell and Kyle Hippy singing “me baby” is just memorable. “Talk” is a masterful R&B vocal performance that deserves to be at the top of the charts.

Here is a quote from his Youtube feed on what his n=music means to him, “Music has been like a double-edged sword for me, but once I allowed my music to guide me instead of me take the lead, I found myself as an artist. I, now, realize that my voice is my talent and my music is my gift to the world. And I plan to invoke change—one soul at a time.” – J. Howell

J. Howell “Talk” available now in Apple Music from the album that is easy and enjoyable to listen to “Red Room.”

You can also find J. Howell’s “Talk” on the Billboard Adult R&B Chart at No. 26 and rising.

About the Author:

Ricardo Williams is the author of “Unchained Mind” Powerful Lifechanging Toughts on Peace, Love, and Success.”