A Professional Artist On The Rise To Stardom

I had the pleasure of watching the progress of one of the most gifted artists, Gunnice Jones, as she grew to her professional status. We visited her professional art display as she exhibited them in Fort Worth, TX.

Such a beautiful array of intimate art all displaying intricate details. The captivated audience had a lot to digest as we took in her brilliance while munching on good food and snacks. Each of us went home with free samples of her work.

Gunnice greeted everyone and even stopped to have her photo taken. She answered many questions about her journey as an artist and gave advice to those who showed interest in following her path.

The event reconnected me with my past co-worker Angela Dawn who is the proud mom of Gunnice. Angela reminded me of the hard work and sacrifice it took to get her daughter to her current level. It is an inspiration to witness the progress she has made. We are looking forward to great things in her future. With such amazing talent, one can visualize Gunnice’s art in books and even the movie business. Whatever the future holds, one thing is for sure and that is Gunnice Jones is on the rise to stardom.

Ricardo Williams and Angela Dawn


A Letter From God

Dear child,

How are you doing?
Haven’t heard from you in a while,
Is everything alright?
I sense the pain behind your smile.
Remember, I created you,
From the top of your head to the sole of your feet.

My child, you went out on your own.

You did well for yourself,
Even as you placed me in the back of the shelf.
From the outside, you seem quite happy.
But on the inside, tears, the pain of neglect and a dying soul

Spins the wheel of your life out of control.

Material things shield your deep scars,

As you live carefree Monday thru Saturday.

Sleeping around with strangers,

Suppressing anger and frustrations

Hurting others out of your hurt too painful to conceal.

On Sundays, you say it’s all about me.

Your praises feel like a stubborn child resisting a chore,

As you plead forgiveness while holding grudges on everyone else.

You turned your back on serving me

For fear of what others may see.

But I’m here to remind you.

This life is not about you. It’s about Me.

Hold me near, I will always be here.

There are no problems that I haven’t already solved.

Put your trust in me, and I will set you free.

And just remember that I love you.

Yours Truly,


Original piece by Rimondrick Ross

Managing Your Thoughts

Thinking is basically us attaching our thoughts to things seen or imagined. We experience our emotions based on how we interpret our attachment.

Image result for thinking and emotions

There was a time I attached my thoughts to the challenges of surviving and all my energy was put into trying to survive as the drama of life unfolded. The contents of my mind were fear, anger, frustration which caused stress, illnesses and many other challenges. Everything I viewed in life, I viewed it through those lenses. It affected all my relationships.

Image result for worried elderly

I’ve seen people live long years sometimes into their 90’s, a full-blown life cycle battling survival and at the end, they realized that they never truly lived. They were tormented by the thoughts they attached to themselves.
As a writer, I am challenged to focus on bringing my books to life or maybe a script or a life lesson I learned. And every time I do, I feel good about my accomplishments. It is a lot different from the life I lived when my focus was on surviving.
Do you know the focus of your current life? Is it what you want it to be or do you need to make a shift? If you can answer those questions then you will be on your way to managing your thought to focus on achieving the goals you set yourself.

The Power of Distance

If it’s too close to you, it will destroy you.

There is a power in distance. For a long time, I kept my thoughts close to my heart. As a youngster, I worried about a lot of things that I was burdened with pain. Whether I was jogging or walking I kept my head looking down so I could be close to my thoughts. In the moments when I lifted my head, I felt a dramatic shift. My thoughts no longer felt like a burden.

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Today, I concluded that I needed to keep a distance between my thoughts and my body. Now, I take every opportunity to lift my head high. I recognize that some of the most important things in life keep their distance. The sun shines from above. The rain comes from above. The moonlight comes from above. The air that we breathe comes from above.

When we distance ourselves from our thoughts, it allows us to look at things objectively. It allows us to be unattached to situations that normally create fear and anger. When we keep our thoughts in the distance, it allows us to operate in peace and with love. Try keeping in your thoughts in the distance recognizing that its purpose is to serve you and not absorb you.

Remember if the sun came too close to you, it could burn us up. If the rain came too close in its fall, it could drown us. And if our thoughts linger too close to our hearts, it could put a strain beyond repair.

Lift your head high, keep your thoughts in the distance, and enjoy its service of love, peace, and gratitude.

Restoring Spiritual Health

I admit there are times I feel spiritually bankrupt, that feeling of illness on my horizon. It is in those times I reconnect with the old gospel songs of my youth. You see, I grew up with Pat Boone and Jim Reeves and in going back and listening to their music and looking at the photos of their vinyl records, I remember the joy on Mom’s face as she introduced me to songs like “The Old Rugged Cross,” and “There Is No Secret.” When I here Jim Reese sing “This World Is Not My Home,” I could see the smiles on Grandma’s face as I knelt by her bed. And at that moment, I stretch my arms, grown to the golden voices of these singers and I feel the chains binding my emotions as they break and fall to pieces and then a light calm comes over me and I am at peace within and spiritually fulfilled.

What’s In Your Inbox

The mind is like an Email account. Think of it this way, when we access our email account, we have separate folders for junk mail and real mail. We delete the junk mail and then browse through the real mail deleting as we go. We keep the mail we deem important.

What if we treat our mind like our inbox. We access it when we awake. We discard junk meaningless thoughts and keep only the important thoughts.

What if we kept thoughts that empowers us? What if we kept thoughts that made us happy? What if we kept thoughts that gave us peace of mind? What if we kept thoughts that made us feel optimistic?


We can continue to process new thoughts as they come in. We can continue to separate and discard junk thoughts and keep the meaningful thoughts. If you decide to try this. when you complete the task. Ask yourself, “What’s in my inbox?” Hopefully the answer will be, “A Smile.”

Image result for photo of a smile

Orabis Grill Bar Restaurant Review – Cedar Hill, TX Finest

There is something to be excited about if you live in the Cedar Hill area of town and that is the Orabis Grill Bar. Located just off Beltline Rd and Joe Wilson Road next to the Neighborhood Walmart, this Mediterranean Restaurant serves up a mouth-watering delicious menu of Gyros like you’ve never had them before.

It’s easy to access and it’s spacious parking lot makes this a hassle-free stop.

The interior of the restaurant is clean and spacious.

We started out our meal with an order of calamari. It was crunchy and nicely flavored. We delved into it and then the thought came that we should probably take a picture before it disappears.

Want to try something interesting? Try dipping some of this steamed vegetables on display into the bowl of hummus. It only adds to the magic of the experience.

If there is one reason to visit the Mediterranean restaurant it’s because of the prospect of sinking into a delicious Gyro and Orabis has turned this tasty favorite into a work of art. Each bite induces us to lose ourselves into a journey by sea across the Mediterranean. You’ll be thinking to yourself that you wouldn’t mind eating this every day.

What’s just as equally important as fine dining? The staff of course? Chef Sana originally from Israel is a joy to be around. She has such great memory that she remembered us from our previous dining. She gives us lot’s of compliments and her hospitality makes dining a homely experience.

Still reading this? If you are, it is a good time to jump in your car and head on down to the Orabis Grill Bar and enjoy some 5 Star dining. Orabis Grill Bar is the place to be for a dining experience of a lifetime.